Kobe is a place where you can enjoy the ocean and the city. Kobe Harborland is a spot you should definitely visit while you're there!

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Anyone will start to feel honest and open when he looks at the ocean, and above all he'll feel great. However, while Japan is an island nation surrounded by the ocean, when you think hard about it, there are surprisingly few urban areas where you have fun while enjoying an ocean view. Kyoto is a city surrounded by mountains and Osaka's shopping districts are quite a ways from the ocean. In that sense Kobe can be said to be quite a precious place in Japan because you can enjoy the sea and the town simultaneously. One of the most attractive spots in Kobe is Kobe Harborland.

Kobe Harborland is an area connected to the Kobe Port with plenty of places for shopping and dining, as well as movie theaters and amusement facilities. It feels fantastic to take a stroll on the promenade called Harbor Walk while gazing at the magnificent ocean and enjoying the sea breeze.

The appeal of Kobe Harborland increases in the evening. The setting sun, the glimmering Kobe night view and the magical Ferris wheel that stands out against the night sky make for an exceptional date ambiance. Riding on the Ferris wheel will give you a sweeping view of Kobe at night. By all means make the most of the breathtaking beauty!

【Kobe Harborland】

Address:1, Higashi Kawasakicho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo

*Between 10:00 and 19:00