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Founded in 1915, it is hugely popular, people are guaranteed to be lining up for its steamed pork buns.

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Founded in 1915. “Buta-manjyu” (Butaman) was born from the Tenshin Paozu (Tianjin Buns) of Tianjin, China that were made easier to be accepted by the Japanese. The first generation arrived in Japan from Zhejiang province, China and opened ROUSHOUKI which would be the first pork bun specialty restaurant in the country that remains popular to this day, with long lines forming out the door.

The number of pork buns sold each day is a staggering 13,000. The delicate harmony between the dough and pork meat, made from a family recipe passed down the generations, is loved by many people.
On Saturday, Sunday and national holidays, a line forms as soon as the restaurant opens, and one could wait in line for as long as an hour. The time to aim for is around 10:00am to 11:00am and 5:25pm to 6:15pm on regular days, as it is relatively less crowded. However, note that the restaurant closes once they are sold out.
On closed days, it is possible to buy pork buns from the sister restaurant “Soke-Paozu-Kan”.


  • A long-established, leading pork bun restaurant even within Nankin-machi that is lined with many popular pork bun restaurants.
  • A very juicy pork bun that comes in a handy easy-to-eat size.
  • They take pride in the dough and filling that holds a delicate balance.
  • There is an area to eat-in, inside the restaurant.
  • One can buy a minimum of three buns.


  • The exterior

    The exterior

  • Buta-man (pork bun)

    Buta-man (pork bun)

  • Buta-man (pork bun)

    Buta-man (pork bun)

  • The original restaurant

    The original restaurant

  • Nankin-machi square in front of the restaurant

    Nankin-machi square in front of the restaurant

  • Nankin-machi square in front of the restaurant

    Nankin-machi square in front of the restaurant


  • 吳嘉惠


  • Hai Wang


  • 陳政中



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
2-1-14 Motomachidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo
Business Hours
※ The restaurant is closed once sold out.
Mondays (or the following day if it falls on a national holiday)
300 yen -1,000 yen
About 3 minutes on foot from the JR Kobe Line Motomachi Station
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)