Feature some of the selected stores of CULMENI, the commercial facility of Kobe where the statue of Elvis Presley welcomes the customers!

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"Kobe Harborland", the area adjacent to Kobe Port where shopping and good food spots, movie theaters, etc. concentrate. The commercial facility located in the Kobe Information Culture Building, which can be regarded as its landmark, is CULMENI. The name of CULMENI originated in the combination of the word "culture" and "amenity" meaning "an attractive environment". In accordance with such an origin, "Matsukata halls", cultural facilities like exhibition halls showing information on the Great Hanshin Earthquake, as well as good food and other commercial stores that make life agreeable concentrate in CULMENI. The landmark is the statue of Elvis Presley, the rock star recognized all around the world. There are only four official statues of Elvis Presley in the whole world. And one of them is here, at CULMENI.

This time, we'll tell you about two stores that we particularly recommend you among the many stores found in CULMENI.

▼Kani Douraku (1F)

A famous store in Japan specializing in crab. They pay special attention to the quality of crab and all other ingredients and serve dishes that take advantage of the best of their ingredients. It's popular for the taste of the dishes, of course, and for its comfortable environment.

Business Hours:11:00-22:30

▼Shikisai Washoku Dining FU (18F)

Washoku-dining, whose specialty is Steak of Kobe Beef, one of the three best beef brands of Japan (for example, a sirloin steak of 100g of Kobe Beef costs ¥4,800, including tax). In addition, you can enjoy Japanese dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and liquors, such as Japanese sake and shochu (white distilled liquor) from all parts of Japan.

Kobe's night scenery can be appreciated through the window and it's perfect for dates!

Business Hours:11:30-15:00 / 17:00-23:00

The address and other contact information of CULMENI, which is full of attractive stores, appears below. If you go to Kobe, don't miss it!

Address:1-5-7, Higashi Kawasakicho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo