What’s the medicine which can boast an astounding long-seller in Japan, where the product competition is very fierce?

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Japanese people are said to be sensitive to trends. If a product or shop gets media exporsure, the product gets sold out and you can see long lines of people waiting in front of the shop.

In other words, if new products are continuously introduced into the market and become popular, this also means that other products get eliminated. So, if a product has continued to sell for a long time, this is a proof that it really is an excellent product. This time, we would like to introduce one of these long-sellers, which has continued to sell for as long as over 200 years.
The medicine is “Ryukakusan”, effective against symptoms such as cough, sputum production and a sore throat.

Ryukakusan 【Class 3 OTC drug】
20g, Suggested retail price (excl. tax): ¥780
43g, Suggested retail price (excl. tax): ¥1,400
90g, Suggested retail price (excl. tax): ¥2,260

Ryukakusan was created at the end of the Edo Period, when there were still samurais in Japan. The main ingredients are the natural remedies (plants found in nature which have some medical effect). The components contained in natural remedies such as Platycodon and Senega which have a direct effect on the affected region of the throat. By activating the ciliary movement (movement in the throat to remove contaminants and viruses which entered the body) in the sore throat, sputum is discarded, cough is suppressed and inflammation eased. A further distinctive feature is the gentle effect characteristic of natural remedies.

Dosage is very easy, too. Heap the small spoon (0.3 g per spoon) which comes with the remedy with the fine “Ryukakusan” powder and take without water.

“Ryukakusan” has been protecting the throats of Japanese people for many years. Please seek out the “Ryukakusan”-characters (龍角散) when you go to a drugstore in Japan.