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Nagano prefecture is a very popular place among tourists for experiencing snow and Onsen(Japanese hot springs) already. But there is so much more to experience in Nagano. Recently Nagano prefecture`s Komoro city is becoming more and more popular.

Komoro has great spots such as highlands with stunning views and awesome hidden hot springs which attract visitors from outside Japan.
Komoro was also the battle site of the famous war between Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi. Both are historically well-known Japanese military commanders. There’s an fascinating old castle town around Komoro castle`s ruins which is popular among many Japanese history fans.
Here are 3 clips which give you a taste of the attractions in Komoro city.

▼This clip shows off the fabulous Komoro highland.

▼This clip shows the beauty of Komoro Kaikoen.

▼This clip shows the fun cycling activities in Komoro!

【Komoro City Tourist Information Center】

Address:1-6-16 Ote, Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture
Business hours:9:30-17:30
Closed:December 29 ― January 3