Heading to Sapporo? Try the increasingly popular Ebi Ramen!

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Written by  Takashi Sato

Of Sapporo's countless ramen shops, EBISOBA ICHIGEN deserves special mention for their unique take on the popular dish. To create their famous amaebi, or sweet shrimp, soup base they go through over 60 kg of shrimp per day! They even have a location at Chitose Airport, “the sky entrance of Sapporo,” if you don’t have time to journey out into the city.

Located just slightly to the south of Susukino on one of Sapporo’s oldest shotengai (a mom and pop retailers' street), Higashi Tonden dori, the bright red shop colours of EBISOBA ICHIGEN will draw you in from the street.

Their natural wooden interior is both bright and welcoming, with walls adorned with the signatures of numerous past celebrity guests.

First, you get to select your preferred soup base: ebi-miso, ebi-shio, or ebi-shoyu (all 780 yen). You then get to customize further by selecting the level of richness you want. “Sono mama” is a great choice if you want to savor the taste of the shrimp itself, whereas “hodo hodo” is a mix of shrimp and pork bone soup. And lastly, there’s “ajiwai” which has an even richer pork bone soup base. You can also choose between thick or thin noodles.

This time, we ordered their ebi-shio “sono mama” ramen in order to fully experience the soup that made them so famous. We also ordered a rich ebi-miso ramen, “hodo hodo,” as well as the ebi onigiri from their side menu.

Shrimp perfection in a beautiful red bowl! In addition to the standard toppings, such as scallions, eggs, and roast pork, their ramen also features crunchy shrimp flavoured tempura and finely ground shrimp.

Fragrant with the scent of the seashore, “ebi-shio” blends the flavours of shrimp and salt beautifully. “Ebi-miso,” on the other hand, draws out the powerful taste and harmony of shrimp and pork bone. Both soups are rich and delicious, so prepare to savor every last drop.

Let’s not forget the onigiri, which was exploding with the tasty umami of shrimp. I highly recommend ordering this as well, as it’s a perfectly sized addition to any hot bowl of noodles.

Due to this shop’s high level of popularity, regardless of the day of the week, you will most likely find yourself waiting in line. The plus side is that you can line up indoors away from the elements. EBISOBA ICHIGEN is a must-eat-at spot for seafood lovers and ramen lovers alike—why not add it to your list as well?


Address:Chuo-ku, Sapporo Minami 7 Jo Nishi 9-chome, 1024-10
Access:Nakajima-Koen Station on the Nanboku Subway Line – 15 minute walk from Exit 2.

Takashi Sato


Birth place: Hokkaido prefecture

Takashi Sato