Ramen Gojogen A Popular place in Sapporo`s Ramen district

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Written by  Takashi Sato

Sapporo has an abundance of Ramen restaurants and Ramen Gojogen`s main location has been a popular place for many years. Susukino is the biggest entertainment district in Sapporo. Ramen Gojogen is located at the outskirts, only a short walk from central Susukino.

The shop is on Higashi Tonden Dori street which is populated by many other famous ramen shops, notably Ebisoba Ichigen`s main location.

The shop only has seating for 13 at one counter. It`s not cramped inside but there are always customers. Depending on the time of day you may have to line up to taste their famous ramen.

To order you first buy a meal ticket at the shop`s vending machine. Gojogen`s specialty is a pork bone broth called Tonkotsu. Tonkotsu is the base broth for Tonshio (salt), Tonmiso (miso), Tonshyoyu (soya sauce) dishes are priced at 680¥ each. They offer other broths as well and each flavour has it`s own distinct character.

Today we ordered Tonshio. We could chose between rich (kotteri) and light (assari) broths.
The assari was refreshing and easy to eat for a Tonkotsu broth.

If you`re a man who likes a generous helping, we recommend this shop`s other specialty, Chashyu onigiri . The chashyu (roast pork) that they use in their onigiri is the same chashyu they top their ramen with. This onigiri is twice the thickness of usual onigiri. Many people can`t finish it and end up taking some home with them.

Soya based Masurao (780¥) is the biggest dish offered on their menu. Masurao means Mighty Man in Japanese. This dish has presence. The dish is heaped with layers of bean sprouts, cabbage, minced garlic, and roast pork.

The noodles are 5 times thicker than regular noodles. This dish has good texture and it`s really filling.

【Ramen Gojogen】

Address:Hokkaido,Sapporo-shi, Chuo-ku, Minami7 Jonishi,8 chome 1024-24
10 minutes walk from Susukino station on Subway Namboku Line.
3 minutes walk from Higashihonganji-Mae station on Sapporo Shiden.
Open:11:00-27:00(Shop closes when the soup runs out.)
Closed:Open every day