「Keyaki」, Sapporo’s proud MISO RAMEN specialty shop. A Rich Miso Ramen Shop with big LINE UPS!

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Written by  Takashi Sato

There are 3 types of soup base for RAMEN, SHIO(salt base), SHOYU(Soy sauce base), and MISO(Miso paste base). Miso Ramen originates in SAPPORO. There are so many Ramen shops serving Miso Ramen but 「Keyaki」 represents MISO RAMEN in Sapporo.
Keyaki is located in pretty much the centre of Sapporo’s entertainment district, 「Susukino」.

Right after they open, people start to line up!! A lot of tourists too.

The owner feels really bad making customers wait but he wants to make each bowl of Ramen himself using the Wok. If you buy a meal coupon from the vending machine in advance, when you finally sit down, you will soon be able to eat.

Though you can add some variation by choosing toppings and flavours, 「Keyaki」’s menu specialises strictly in Miso base Ramen.

This is the standard menu, 「MISO RAMEN」 (¥870).
This Miso Ramen has minced meat in it instead of Chashyu pork. Also cabbage is used which is not usually found in Ramen.

The layer of melted lard floating on top insulates the soup so it stays hot until you slurp the last drip from the bowl.
For a Miso base soup it is quite rich and it coats the noodles nicely.

If you want to try ramen with more of a Hokkaido feel, 「Corn butter Ramen」 is strongly recommended.
「Corn butter Ramen」 itself is a popular menu item in Hokkaido but when butter is added to the rich soup of 「Keyaki」, it’s on another level. It will stimulate your taste buds for sure.

There’s a high possibility of long line ups. When you plan on dining here, allow lots of time for waiting.

【Nitorino Keyaki Susukino Main location】

Address:Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 6 jyou Nishi 3 Choume Mutsu Building 1F(睦ビル1F)
Business Hours:10:30- 4AM next day(Sun., Hol. 3AM next day)
Closed:Open every day
Access:5Minutes walk from Subway Namboku Line Susukino station