“Umakara Ramen Hyori” in Suidobashi; a deluxe bowl of ramen with mega-size karaage (fried chicken) on spicy thick soup with umami!

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Written by Sato

Visited “Hyori” in Suidobashi!
This is a direct shop of the famous “Takano Tsume” ramen shop in Gyotoku area in Chiba. They are famous for “Ankake Deluxe” with three notable characteristics; spicy thick soup with umami flavor, chewy medium-thick noodles and mega-size karaage. Don’t you get hungry just by hearing these three keywords?

For “Ankake Deluxe”, you can choose the level of spiciness on the scale of 3; piri-kara (slightly spicy: level 1), uma-kara (moderately spicy: level 3) and goku-kara (super spicy: level 5). Since I love spicy food, I chose level 5 but if it is your first time, you may want to choose level 1. If you want to add more spiciness after ordering it, use ichimi togarashi (hot ground pepper) on a table to adjust the flavor.
When you hand your ticket to a shop staff, you can also choose an amount of noodles from nami-mori (regular) and chu-mori (medium), and tell if you want garlic in your soup or not. This time I asked for nami-mori and no garlic. For your information, a portion of noodles you get for nami-mori is actually not that small.

In the short while, I got my “Goku-kara Ankake Deluxe”! Look at this! A huge piece of karaage on red spicy soup! Irresistible!

Turn the bowl and check out my ramen from the behind. Lots of veggies and so much ichimi hot pepper! Grilled eggplants are also appetizing.

Can you see how thick the soup is? It’s not that the soup itself is thick but it is covered with starchy soup, which makes the whole bowl more enjoyable. What’s more, thanks to this thick soup, soup does not get cold until the last drop!

The medium-thick noodles are chewy and satisfying. They are pretty much straight and the perfect match with the thick soup.

The soup is tonkotsu shoyu-based and has rich and deep flavor. As the name suggests, it has much umami and scents of umami-dashi stock. Actually, when you start eating it, the umami comes first in your mouth and then the spiciness hits. What an intriguing flavor!

And look at the size of this mega-size karaage! This wildly deep fried whole chicken breast is so soft and juicy! It is very crispy when delivered to you right out of the kitchen, but it is also so good when soaked in the soup!

So, did you get hungry just by looking at the pictures? Not only in Suidobashi, but the shop Hyori is also located in Takada no Baba. If you are interested, please do make a trip.
The soup spicy and full of umami, medium-thick noodles chewy and satisfying, and a piece of karaage big and juicy. Once you try this phenomenal combination, it is guaranteed that you will want it again!

【Umakara Ramen Hyori】

Address:4-7-19 kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo



Birth place: Saitama prefecture


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