Would you like to shop and hang out? Go to “Kobe Harborland” in the bay area of Kobe.

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Long ago, Kobe was one of the biggest ports in the orient. It was a gateway for Japan’s trading businesses and so it was influenced by the cultures of the world. That is why Kobe has developed it’s own unique fusion of cultures. Kobe has an distinct influence over fashion and fine food. There are so many attractions in the city but “Kobe Harborland” is a must see during a visit.

※This is a republished article which was originally published on October 3rd in 2016.

“Kobe Harborland” is a shopping and entertainment district located in the Kobe bay area. You can easily walk to it from JR Kobe station. If you are planning to go for a one day trip from Osaka, JR Kobe station is only a 30 minute train ride from JR Osaka station! The district offers a large selection of shopping malls such as “Kobe Renga Soko Harborland Stores”, and “Umie MOZAIC”. It also offers restaurants, amusements, and cinemas. You name it, they have it.


From the port you can board a Kobe “Concerto” short cruise to Akashi-Ohashi bridge where you can appreciate Kobe’s attractive scenery. In addition, if you want to relax there is a “Manyo Club” hot spring spa located in the area.
Kobe is known for having a long Jazz history in Japan. And the people of Kobe are passionate about music. There is even a statue of Elvis Presley in “Kobe Harborland”. The only other places with a statue of Elvis are in Memphis and Hawaii. With only 3 places in the whole world, don’t miss your opportunity to take a selfie with “The King”!

A statue of Elvis Presley
A statue of Elvis Presley

“Kobe Harborland” gets even better at night. You can see the high rise buildings in the financial district of Kobe and a magical giant ferris wheel lights up the sky. The night view is breath taking. If you ride the ferris wheel, you can enjoy the night view of Kobe all to yourself. This is definitely where you should go for a romantic date night.

“Kobe Harborland” gets even better at night.
“Kobe Harborland” gets even better at night.

The ocean and mountains surround Kobe and the city itself is very sophisticated and picturesque. You will enjoy just exploring the city aimlessly.

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