Check out the new YOKOHAMA TRICK ART CRUISE! Unbelievable art is awaiting your arrival!

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Yokohama is one of Japan's many port cities, but it’s not just any port city. Extremely popular with tourists for its trendy atmosphere and attractive townscape, you can find all sorts of tourist spots, exciting commercial establishments, and tasty eateries there.

Today we're excited to report about one of the city's newest facilities: The YOKOHAMA TRICK ART CRUISE! Having only opened in the past September, many people still don't know about this fascinating new trick art museum—but you are no longer one of them!

You may be wondering, “What is trick art, anyways?” Trick art creates visual illlusions that trick your eyes into seeing things differently, such as seeing 2D paintings in 3D. The YOKOHAMA TRICK ART CRUISE features four areas: the departure zone, the voyage of exploration zone, the strange ship zone, and the treasure hunt zone. You can enjoy the exciting world of stereoscopic paintings as you move through the different areas, taking pictures as you go along. The illusions are sure to amaze you; your eyes won’t be able to tell that they’re being deceived. This is a great outing for children and adults alike! Why not check it out for yourself?

Playing with dolphins
Playing with dolphins
Canoeing over a waterfall
Canoeing over a waterfall
Casually lounging with a seal
Casually lounging with a seal
Nearly being eaten by an angry komodo dragon
Nearly being eaten by an angry komodo dragon

The trick art featured in this fun museum was created by SD Corporation, the same company responsible for the popular Tokyo Trick Art Museum. The new YOKOHAMA TRICK ART CRUISE is sure to be the next big thing, so go now before eveyrone else hears about it!


Basic information on [YOKOHAMA TRICK ART CRUISE]

Yokohama Landmark Plaza 4F, 2-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Business Hours
11:00-20:00(Last admission 19:30)
Admission Fee
Adult (HS student and above) 700 yen, Child (4 years to JHS student) 500 yen
URL (Japanese & English)
TrickArt is a trademark of SD Corporation

* TrickArt is a trademark of SD Corporation