Day 1 for a trip in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture ~Fully enjoy the townscape of Dogo Onsen and Sea bream dishes!~

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Matsuyama City in Ehime prefecture is the biggest city in Shikoku area. Not only the city is famous for magnet tourist spots such as Matsuyama castle and Dogo Onsen, it is also deeply associated with Japanese literature and historical famous people.
I made a trip to Matsuyama for 3 nights and 4 days back in November, 2016.
In my article, I am going to show you the pictures from the trip and I hope they will help you to get to know the area.
In this one, I will talk about a stroll in Dogo Onsen!

The city before sunset

Dogo Onsen station
Dogo Onsen station

Iyo Railway “Dogo Onsen station”
You cannot travel Matsuyama without Iyo Railway. The fee for a ride is 160 JPY flat.
You can also purchase a convenient 1 Day ticket for 700 JPY or 2 Day ticket for 1000 JPY and get unlimited access for rides within the city.

Dogo Onsen station
Dogo Onsen station

The nostalgic station looks exacatly like the original building that was built back in 1895.
The beautiful design of Western taste.

Bocchan Train
Bocchan Train

Bocchan Train
This is a replica of the train that appared in the novel “Bocchan” by Soseki Natsume. He is one of the greatest writes in Japan whose face actually was printed on former 1,000 JPY bills. The train attracts many tourists. A ticket for a ride for 1 adult is 800 JPY.

Dogo Haikara Street
When I visited, there was an event called “Akira Yamaguchi x Dogo Onsen Dogo Art 2016” going on. The “Suzunari Gate” at the entrance was decorated with a lantern.

The arcade is lined with approximately 60 stores.

The souvenir shop that I visited was filled with “Mikyan” goods; a mascot with a motif of Ehime’s famous mandarin oranges, mitsukan.

Even a stuffed Mikyan this big.

Dogo Onsen Main Building

Dogo Onsen Main Building
Dogo Onsen Main Building

Walk through Haikara Street, and you will find the Dogo Onsen main building.

This is a modern-Japanese style architectural structure built in 1894. It is one of the important cultural properties in Japan and it is still used as a public bath house.
In 2009, the facility won 2 stars for Michelin Guide Japan (tourist spots).

Dogo Onsen Main Building
Dogo Onsen Main Building

It is said that the building was one of inspirations for “Aburaya” in the movie “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki.

Dogo Onsen Main Building

Dogo Onsen Main Building

5-6 Dogo Yunomachi, Matsuyama City, Ehime
5 minutes’ walk from Dogo Onsen station on Iyo Railway
None (Temporally closed for 1 day in December every year for a major cleaning)
Admission fee
Starts at 410 JPY for a bath (varies by a course)
※ Free admission for a visit to “Bocchan Room” and the exhibition room.

Ginga Tetsudo 999 Exhibition Reiji Matsumoto x Ehime Craftsmen

Dogo-kan is one of accommodations in Dogo Onsen.
I visited this place to go to “Ginga Tetsudo 999 Exhibition Reiji Matsumoto x Ehime Craftsmen”. (The exhibition is already closed).

Varieties of pieces displayed at a corner of a souvenir shop.


The main attraction was this original piece with Maetel getting relaxed in an outdoor bath.

There was an array of displays that would attract the cartoon fans.

Sunset at Dogo Onsen

Dogo Onsen Main Building

Around Dogo Onsen station

Savor Uwajima Tai Meshi (Sea bream rice) at Gansui, Dogo

Dinner at “Gansui” in Dogo shopping district.
Gansui is famous for Tai Meshi (Sea bream rice) with 3 locations in Ehime and 1 in Akasaka, Tokyo.
Taimeshi is one of regional specialty dishes in Ehime.

An elegant and sophisticated interior.


There were varieties of delicious looking regional dishes on the menu, and they were tempting. However, I decided to order the Uwajima Tai Meshi that they are famous for.
Two kinds of red sea beams are available to choose from, either wild ones or farm raised ones. I chose the wild fish though it was a bit more pricy.

Choose your favorite sauce and eggs from 3 kinds. Yes, even choose your own egg!

Uwajima Tai Meshi Wild red sea beam

Uwajima Tai Meshi Wild red sea beam 2,100 JPY (with tax)
Sea breams are served in sashimi style. That’s what Uwajima (Nanyo) Tai Meshi is different from others.

Top your rice with the sea bream sashimi and then add your favorite condiments like sauce, raw egg, sesame seeds and wasabi paste.
The sea bream is so fresh and so delicious!
A definite must-eat dish if you ever have a chance to visit Ehime.

I found a sake bottle with “Mikyan” label on a bottle. I checked it out about the bottle later and found out that it is known as “Shizukuhime” by Yamatan Masamune. It has won a prize in a contest too.

Uwajima Taimeshi Gansui Dogo location

Uwajima Taimeshi Gansui Dogo location

13-10 Dogo Yunomachi Matsuyama City, Ehime
3 minutes’ walk from Dogo Onsen station on Iyo Railway Jyonan line
Business Hours
11:00-15:00(L.O.14:30) / 17:00-22:00(L.O.21:30)
Open every day

Night views in Dogo Onsen (illumination)

After dinner, I strolled around the area to take pictures.
The area seemed a bit different from the evening.

Dogo Onsen Main Building

A guy from rikisha.
A guy from rikisha.

A view from “Sky Walk Road”; a walking trail on a hill top.

Dogo Onsen station area

So this was my day in Dogo Onsen on the first day of the Matsuyama trip.
Dogo Onsen was such a great place and I highly recommended the place for a travel.



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