A Relaxing Trip to the Seto Inland Sea – Komogakushi Onsen Hotel on Secluded Iwagi Island

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The Seto Inland Sea, Japan’s largest inland sea, is dotted with countless islands and known for its “multi-island beauty.” This time, we are introducing the “Komogakushi Onsen Hotel Sanyo Club,” located on the secluded Iwagi Island in the center of the Seto Inland Sea.

The name “Komogakushi” (“Hidden in Reeds”) comes from a story that tells that a Jizo statue wrapped in reeds once washed up at the cape on the hotel’s grounds.

Komogakushi Onsen Hotel Sanyo Club
Komogakushi Onsen Hotel Sanyo Club

Charm #1: Ocean View

All of the rooms at beachside Komogakushi Onsen Hotel have ocean views. The lovely view of the Seto Inland Sea is incredibly soothing. Guests can choose their preferred room from Japanese-style, western-style, and suite-style rooms.

All rooms come equipped with bidet toilets.

Select rooms are also pet-friendly! (Only in western-style rooms on the private floor)

Charm #2: Local Healing Hot Spring “Bijin no Yu” (“Beauty Water”)

The best part of the Komogakushi Onsen Hotel is the hot spring (onsen), the water for which is drawn up from 1200 meters underground. The spring water is 31.9 ℃, and contains calcium, sodium, and chloride. This thick, viscous water has a great reputation as “beauty water” that gradually moisturizes skin.

Both the men’s and women’s baths are made with Japanese cypress. It is said that the fragrance of natural Japanese cypress sooths the heart. It is easy to pass the time in the hot springs, watching the sun set over the Tatara Bridge and Seto Inland Sea’s many islands.

Komogakushi Onsen

Adults (Junior high school and older) - 900 yen
Children (5 years to elementary school age) - 600 yen
No charge
※Hotel guests can use the hot springs free of charge.
Business Hours
11:00~22:00(Reception service ends at 21:30)
11:00-22:00 (Opens at 16:00 on weekdays)

Additionally, the hotel has an open-air bath with an amazing view! It is especially recommended for use during the day, when you can enjoy a 180° view of the Seto Inland Sea! Advance reservations are required for the open-air bath.

Komogakushi Onsen
Komogakushi Onsen

Basic information on Open-Air Bath

Reservation Fee
45 Minutes
General Admission
3,500 yen
Restaurant Guests
3,000 yen
Hotel Guests:
2,500 yen

Charm #3: Fresh Seafood

Dinner at the Komogakushi Onsen Hotel is made in a style unique to Komogakushi, neither exclusively Japanese nor western, using seafood fresh-caught that day and seasonal products of the Seto Inland Sea.

Main Building 1F, Restaurant “Komogakushi”

Business Hours:
11:00-14:00, 18:00-21:00 (L.O. 19:30)

Additionally, there is a restaurant called “Komo,” where you can enjoy a varied menu, in the same building as the large bath.

Restaurant “Komogakushi”
Restaurant “Komogakushi”

Hot Springs Building’s Restaurant “Komo”

Business Hours
11:00-14:00, 17:00-22:00(L.O. 21:30)

Charm #4: A Shore Like That of a Private Beach

Beneath the hotel is a lovely beach with quietly rolling waves. The atmosphere there is relaxing, like that of a private beach. You can enjoy swimming in the beautiful crystal clear blue sea. Another perk is that guests can go directly to the beach in their swimsuits from their rooms.

A Shore Like That of a Private Beach
A Shore Like That of a Private Beach

Charm #5: A Row of 3000 Cherry Trees

Mt. Sekizen, located at the heart of Iwagi Island, is famous for its cherry blossoms. In early April, when the cherry blossoms bloom, 3000 flowering cherry trees form a path that looks almost like the flowing robes of a celestial maiden. The path is great to hike, extending around 6 kilometers between the harbor and the observation deck. Settle down beneath the cherry blossoms for lunch, and take some time to just enjoy the scenery.

Of course, the view is spectacular even when it isn’t the spring season, so you can enjoy hiking throughout the year.

A Row of 3000 Cherry Trees,Mt. Sekizen
A Row of 3000 Cherry Trees,Mt. Sekizen

Were the above points enough to sell you on the charms of the Komogakushi Onsen Hotel and Iwagi Island?

We strongly recommend this destination for those who want to take a relaxing trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Basic information on Komogakushi Onsen Hotel

Komogakushi Onsen Hotel Sanyo Club

2559 Iwagi, Ochigun Kamijimacho, Ehime

Access to Iwagi Island

Access from Hiroshima Airport

1) Hiroshima Airport → Habukou-mae

Take the Fukuyama Limousine Bus from Hiroshima Airport to the “Takasaka Bus Stop” (around 19 minutes). There, transfer to the Flower Liner Bus (towards Onomichi and Inno Island) to the “Habukou-mae” stop (around 77 minutes).

2) Habukou (Inno Island) → Nagaekou (Iwagi Island) – 13 minutes by Nagae Ferry

Fee: Adults: one-way 280 yen, round-trip 530 yen; Children: one-way 140 yen, round-trip 270 yen
※Komogakushi Onsen Hotel provides a pick-up service from the ferry docks.
Please contact the hotel if you need pick-up service.