Everyone’s talking about Zao Fox Village. The one and only fox village in Japan! Get up close to our adorable foxes.

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Written by  Yuge Takahisa

Get up close to over 100 foxes in our open-range enclosure!

You will see six types of foxes, the familiar Ezo red fox, silver fox, arctic fox, platinum fox, shadow fox and cross fox. We have over 100 foxes! Watch the incredibly adorable foxes from up close, running free across the expansive enclosure, or curling up for a nap. You can get as close as 15cm to a sleeping fox. You won’t miss a single photo opportunity. You’ll love taking photos of all their varied expressions.

An Ezo red fox with characteristic black ears
An Ezo red fox with characteristic black ears
You can take photos from this close.
You can take photos from this close.

Experience the rejuvenating joy of cuddling a fox kit.

Cuddling a fox kit is probably the most popular activity at Zao Fox Village (¥400 – You must be at least 15 years). The best time is in April or May, during the fox birthing season. Just looking at an adorable, newly born fox kit will melt your heart. We are stringent with daily care for our foxes at Zao Fox Village. Every fox is born through an artificial breeding program and is given medication to remove roundworms. We can assure you that touching the foxes is safe, and we encourage you to get up close to our fluffy furred kits!

You can also feed the other animals and pet the rabbits and ponies.

You can buy special roll food for the foxes and feed them at the feeding spot. You can also pet the rabbits, ponies, goats and other small animals at the petting corners in the Village. We hope you thoroughly enjoy some down time, take it easy and get up close to our animals in the lush forest setting.

The foxes’ coats thicken in winter so you can see them with their fluffy coats amid the snow.

Basic information on Zao Fox Village

Zao Fox Village (Miyagi Zao Kitsune Mura)

11-3 Kawarago, Fukuokayatsumiya, Shiroishi City, Miyagi
1,000 yen
Open 365 days