The Supreme Mackerel Pilaf only in a Course at "Hakata Sabaro", Fukuoka's Mackerel Specialty Restaurant

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Written by  Malimo

Fukuoka Prefecture is known all over Japan for its gourmet restaurants.
Among its variety of gourmet dishes, Fukuoka is famous for its delicious "Saba" mackerel fish.
This time, I'd like to introduce what I have fallen in love with, the "All-Mackerel" course at Sabaro Restaurant!

Sabaro's Sign
Sabaro's Sign
The Entrance
The Entrance

It is located in the shopping district near Nakasu-Kawabata Station.

The Restaurant Specializing in Mackerel, "Sabaro"
The Restaurant Specializing in Mackerel, "Sabaro"

All of the seats are private, giving it a high-class atmosphere.
The menu features over 50 mackerel dishes, and it boasts more than 100 types of Japanese sake!
Since the mackerel is taken from the restaurant's fish tank and trimmed in the kitchen, it's guaranteed to be extremely fresh!

So Many Unique Mackerel Dishes are in the "All-Mackerel Course Without Hot-Pot"!

I had reserved the "All-Mackerel Course Without Hot-Pot".
Including all you can drink, it costs ¥5800 per person, and parties of three or more may order this course. Reservations are required.

Simmered Mackerel In Soup Broth

Simmered Mackerel In Soup Broth
Simmered Mackerel In Soup Broth

Sipping this elegant "dashi" broth served with boneless fried mackerel, devoid of any unpleasant smell, is a real treat!

Mackerel Wrapped in Pie

Mackerel Wrapped in Pie
Mackerel Wrapped in Pie

This impact of this dish, reminiscent of French cuisine, was deep.
The sweetness of the pie and the saltiness of the mackerel blend perfectly with the acidity of the tomato sauce! It's so good!

Mackerel and Corn Tempura

Mackerel and Corn Tempura
Mackerel and Corn Tempura

It is served with salt and tempura "Tsuyu" dipping sauce.
Since it's the first time for me to try corn tempura, I am amazed by how good it is!

Here is the Mackerel Pilaf! All Gourmets in my Group Give it their Seal of Approval!

While all of Sabaro's dishes are truly tasty, I'd like to recommend their Mackerel Pilaf, known as "Saba Kama-Meshi" in Japanese.
I was so surprised when a cauldron was brought to our table.
It was full of soft white rice topped with plump pieces of mackerel.
With just the right amount of salt, the skin was so fragrant and savory.
Although it seems simple, I could never recreate such a taste at home.

The people who joined me this time are all gourmets, and they gave rave reviews to this dish, with a unanimous chorus of "Umai, Umai!" (It's so good!).
Although I was full, I was engrossed in eating it. I could eat this pilaf every day!

It takes a lot of time and effort to make this dish, so it cannot be ordered a la carte.
Since it takes an hour to cook, it will appear at the end of a full-course meal!
Just in case, it is best to check if this pilaf will be served when you order a course.

Sea Lettuce Miso Soup

Sea Lettuce Miso Soup
Sea Lettuce Miso Soup

Sea lettuce miso soup is the best match for mackerel pilaf!

I was so wrapped up in eating that I forgot to take photos, but mackerel was in everything: a pickled dish called "sunomono", a salad, and even sashimi.
However, I never got tired of eating them! Each dish was really so delicious that Sabaro has proven its worth as a restaurant dedicated to mackerel.
By all means, please try it yourself! You're sure to be impressed with how it tastes!

Basic information on Hakata Sabaro

5th floor, Sun Golden Bldg. 5-9, Nakasu 5-Chome, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka
1 minute on foot from Nakasu-Kawabata Station
Business Hours
11:30 am – 3:30 pm (L.O. 2:30 pm), 5 pm – 1 am (L.O. 12 am