Is this Udon Magic!? 「Makino Udon」 from Fukuoka

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Written by  Malimo

There are so many delicious shops in Fukuoka but this time I am introducing 『Makino Udon』. This shop is loved by Fukuoka locals.

There are many『Makino Udon』locations. I went to the Airport branch this time which is a 5 minute drive from the Fukuoka airport.

You place your order by filling out the order slip yourself. The left side of the slip shows the menu and price. On the right side, there are boxes to tick for ordering how hard you want your noodles. You can choose from soft, medium, or hard. You have to write the quantity of orders inside the frame.
The prices for Udon and Soba start at ¥310! A very reasonable price!

This time I ordered Kakiage Udon (Nanmen)¥450, Kashiwa Meshi(Chicken rice)¥190, and a croquette¥100.
The nice thing about this shop is that there’s complimentary Negi(chopped spring onions) on the table for you. You can help yourself.

The soup is so tasty, somehow it makes you feel at home.
The noodles are thick and chewy. They start to absorb the soup and get soft. As the noodles absorb the soup they get fatter and fatter which makes it look like your noodles are increasing even though you’ve been eating. That`s why they call this the 「Magic Udon that you can never finish」.

If your soup runs out, there is complimentary soup for you to add.

This is the croquette. It`s homy taste matches the Udon.

This is Kashiwa meshi(Chicken Rice) . If you visit the shop, make sure you order this dish. They cook the rice with chicken, Gobo(Burdocks), carrots and so on. It’s has a simple shoyu(Soy sauce)flavor, that brings out the full extent of the chicken’s flavour.

Just a bowl of Udon is satisfying but the side menu is strongly recommended.
If you don’t think you can eat it all there you can take home as well.

【Makino Udon Airport branch】

Address:2 Chome-4-30 Higashihirao, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken
Closed:Open every day

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