From Tokyo’s Confection Series “Tokyo Banana” Comes the Fall and Winter-Limited Chestnut Flavor, “Ginza Mont Blanc Cake”

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Written by  YUKA

“Tokyo Banana,” a fluffy and soft sponge cake filled with a banana paste custard, is a favorite of even those who dislike bananas like myself!
And now I’ve discovered the chestnut version of that very same Tokyo Banana! It’s called the “Ginza Mont Blanc Cake”!

Even the box is cute.

The cakes are individually wrapped, so they’re easy to give out as gifts or souvenirs.

The Cake is Fluffy! The Chestnut Marking is Cute!

They’re about 6.5cm long and 3cm thick.

Inside the sponge cake is a chestnut paste made with chestnut skin and a caramel custard cream.

Delicious!! The fluffy cake and the thick and fragrant cream go perfectly together!
It’s very soft, and it’s alcohol-free, so anyone can enjoy this treat!

There are probably plenty of people who will like the chestnut flavor more than banana.
This flavor is limited to fall and winter, so be sure to grab it if you come across it!

Basic information on “Ginza Mont Blanc Cake”

4pcs 483 yen / 8pcs 1029 yen / 12pcs 1543 yen (tax incl)
108 calories per piece
Shelf Life
About 7 days