Cute Kumamon Souvenirs from Kumamoto! “Kumamoto Butter & Chocolate Cookie”

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Written by  Chigusa

The Kumamoto PR mascot character, “Kumamon,” is a super-popular icon of Kumamoto.
These “Kumamoto Butter & Chocolate Cookies” have become a popular Kumamoto souvenir thanks to its adorable Kumamon shape!

The package features Kumamon. His friendly expression is so calming!

2 Types of Cookies
2 Types of Cookies

The package contains 12 butter cookies and 12 chocolate cookies.
The individual packaging is also cute, so they’re perfect for giving out to many people.

Cute Cookies!
Cute Cookies!

Placed like this it looks like the white and black bears are holding hands.

They’re both slightly sweet and firm cookies.
The smiling Kumamon seem to dissolve any tensions.
These cookies are priced cheaply, and it’s also nice that they come with 2 flavors.

Basic information on Kumamoto Butter & Chocolate Cookie

Product name in Japanese
くまもと バター&チョコクッキー
10pcs 500 yen, 24 pcs 1,000 yen (tax excl.)
Shelf Life
About 150 days