“Fukumitsuya”; a must-visit souvenior shop in Asakusa “Kaminarimon”

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“Kaminarimon” is known as the symbol of Asakusa, Tokyo. It’s official name is “Fujin Raijin Mon (Entrance of God of Wind and God of Thunder)” and as the name presents, there are two statues of gods displayed at the gate. Given that this is such a “Japanese-like” landmark, the area is always crowded with many tourists taking pictures of the gate.


After you go through the gate, you will be led to a shopping street, which is one of the most historical in Japan. On the 250 m street, approximately 90 eateries and gift shops are lined up. If you are one of people who would not know where to look in for souvenirs, we recommend visiting “Fukumitsuya”. It is a gift shop at the very right end of the street when you stand with the gate on your back.


The store concept of Fukumitsuya is to be the “ultimate select shop for Japanese souvenirs” for foreign tourists. To prove that point, in their shop, they have several thousands of souvenirs stocked; many with traditional Japanese themes and “Wa” designs. We asked the shop owner what they recommend for tourists looking for gifts. If you need some advice to decide what to get for souvenirs, these are some tips for you.

Recommend for tourists looking for gifts

1)Water Dome

Top recommended new gift with miniatures of famous landmarks in Japan. (1,800 JPY)

2)Original T-Shirt

Lots of designs to choose from that you cannot find anywhere else. Reasonable and nice pick for gifts. (2,000 JPY)

Original T-Shirt(2,000 JPY)

3)Tokyo Sightseeing Rubik’s Cube

Very original and very unique, Tokyo souvenir. (2,700 JPY)

Tokyo Sightseeing Rubik’s Cube (2,700 JPY)


A famous item known to invite good fortune. (1,000 – 1,200 JPY)

Maneki-Neko(1,000 – 1,200 JPY)

Basic information on [Fukumitsuya]

1-18-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
At the very right end after going through the “Kaminarimon” gate
Business Hours
Open 365 days
Instagram (Japanese)