Only at Highway Service Areas! Shinjuku Nakamuraya Tokyo Kongari Caramel Rusk

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Written by YUKA

While stopping at a highway service area, I discovered a yummy-looking treat called Tokyo Kongari Caramel Rusk. It's only available at airports and highway service areas in Tokyo and the surrounding regions.

Caramel is spread on French bread made with flour from Hokkaido. Topped with almonds and more caramel, it's baked twice to create a crispy, fragrantly sweet rusk.

14pcs: ¥1080 (including tax)
14pcs: ¥1080 (including tax)

Sold in individually wrapped packages of 8 or 14 pieces, with a 90-day shelf life at room temperature, this rusk is the perfect souvenir!

Each piece is about 8 cm long and 1 cm thick. Usually, rusk is coated with a lot of sugar, but with all its almond slices, this one is just like a florentine!

It's so tasty! With just the right hardness, this rusk has a crunchy, light mouthfeel. The slightly sweet, buttery flavor is delicious, too. The texture of the almonds and the sweet aroma of the caramel are such a good match, I feel like I can eat one after the other!

The ingredients and other details
The ingredients and other details

Made by Shinjuku Nakamuraya, this rusk is not available in any store, so please look for it the next time you are on the highway or at the airport!

Product name in Japanese
Shinjuku Nakamuraya
Available at
Highway Service Areas in the Tokyo area
8pcs: ¥650 (including tax)/ 14pcs: ¥1080 (including tax)


Birth place: Osaka Prefecture