From Haneda Airport to the City, take the Safe and Comfortable Tokyo Monorail!

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26 Dec 2017
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From Haneda Airport, several modes of transportation take you to the center of Tokyo: buses, taxis, rental cars and trains (either Tokyo Monorail or Keikyu). Experienced travelers to Japan know which one of these ways best suits their needs.

Haneda Airport, near metropolitan Tokyo
Haneda Airport, near metropolitan Tokyo

This article will discuss the one of the popular modes of transportation, the Tokyo Monorail. Based on our original research as well as the opinions of experienced travelers, you will see why people with certain needs should use the Tokyo Monorail!

Previously, we recommended ways for you to enjoy Tokyo along the Monorail route.

Stations along the Tokyo Monorail
Stations along the Tokyo Monorail

For a Safe and Comfortable Trip, We Recommend The Tokyo Monorail

In our own survey on rider impressions of the Tokyo Monorail, many respondents mentioned "an image of safety".
From the standpoint of safety, this article will introduce several attractive points that make the Tokyo Monorail such a safe and comfortable way to travel to Tokyo!

The Tokyo Monorail Stands up to Snow

Since the Tokyo Monorail staff catch the latest information on weather patterns, they are able to rapidly respond to changes. When a large amount of snow is predicted, a snowblower is attached to the rails in order to keep passengers safe.

The Construction of Earthquake-Resistant Support Pillars is Finished

In 2017, the construction of 225 earthquake-resistant concrete pillars was completed. Passengers can feel safe knowing that the Monorail is prepared in the event of an earthquake.

Earthquake-resistant support pillars
Earthquake-resistant support pillars

Mobile Platform Fences

In order to prevent accidents such as getting caught in the train doors or falling on the tracks, mobile platform fences have been installed in every station. Even passengers with active young children can ride securely!

A mobile platform fence
A mobile platform fence

Although the above was just a brief introduction, you can see how the Tokyo Monorail has come up with various ways to keep passengers safe and comfortable.
We hope this article is helpful to first-time travelers to Haneda Airport or those who haven't used the Tokyo Monorail before.

Reference: “GOOD LUCK TRIP ONLINE” surveyed overseas travelers who have used Haneda Airport. The research period was from March through April, 2017. A total of 293 people were interviewed.