Interesting and Delicious Ramen at “Chuka Soba Mutahiro,” With Locations in Tokyo and Osaka!

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Written by  takoyakikun

Mutahiro is a ramen restaurant that’s on the rise, now with 8 locations in Tokyo and Osaka!
This time, I visited their Sakaihigashi location in Osaka. One of their classic dishes is their interestingly-named “Wahaha Niboshi Soba.” When you think of the sound “wahaha,” you typically think of laughter. The restaurant’s owner, an Osaka native, loves to make people smile.

Chuka Soba Mutahiro – Sakaihigashi Store
Chuka Soba Mutahiro – Sakaihigashi Store

The restaurant is located on a street full of bars near Sakaihigashi Station. It stands out conspicuously in the area.

Ticket Vending Machine
Ticket Vending Machine

First off, you buy your meal ticket.
This time, I ordered the “Wahaha Niboshi Soba.”
One of their other popular dishes seems to be the “Gahaha Tori Soba.”


There’s special-made tare sauce and vinegar seasoned with niboshi sardines at the seats.
It’s recommended to try changing up the flavoring partway through enjoying your dish.

They even have hair ties available, a huge convenience for those with long hair!
If you tie your hair back, it won’t get in the way or dip into the broth while you’re eating ramen.

Water is available self-serve.

Wahaha Niboshi Soba 750 yen
Wahaha Niboshi Soba 750 yen

The soup smelled deliciously of niboshi!
It was surprisingly rich.


The chicken and shoyu-based soup was also packed with plenty of pork backfat.
With just one bite, I was overcome with the flavor of niboshi!
The soup was mellow but still rich; super delicious!

Very Thick Noodles
Very Thick Noodles

The noodles used were very thick.
You can really feel the wheat’s aroma, and the springy noodles go well with the soup!

Uncut Noodle
Uncut Noodle

What’s this?!
The store’s famous “ittan-men” (uncut noodle) was hidden in my bowl!
What an interesting idea!

As I slurped down more of the soup, I found a wonton-like texture!
Chewy and delicious!

Hosaki Menma
Hosaki Menma

The crunchy texture of the hosaki menma was also great!


The bowl came with two types of chashu, chicken breast and pork sirloin.
Both types have different textures for you to enjoy, and you can taste the delicious umami of the meats.

The restaurant was relatively empty when I arrived, but it quickly filled up to capacity.
There were many women eating alone in the restaurant’s bright and cozy atmosphere.
This shop’s ramen has excellent high-quality flavor and utilizes interesting ideas in its execution, making it somewhere you’ll want to visit again and again!

Basic information on “Chuka Soba Mutahiro”

2-3-18 Nakakawaramachi, Sakai ku, Sakai City, Osaka
1 minute on foot from the west exit of Nankai Koya Line’s Sakaihigashi Station
Business Hours
11:30 am - 3:00 pm / 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm (until ~21:00 on Saturdays)
No scheduled holidays