Kinryu Ramen! This long-established Ramen shop represents Ramen in the Namba area of Osaka!

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Written by  takoyakikun

「Kinryu Ramen」 is a very popular Ramen shop in Osaka.
Though there are 4 locations in the Namba area, I went to the 「Dotonbori location」 which has the highest reputation in taste.

This shop is located in the centre of the Dotonbori area. A Huge Dragon object welcomes you to the shop.

First I bought the meal ticket for my 「Ramen」 ( ¥600 ) at the vending machine. Then I gave this ticket to the staff, within 3 minutes or so, here’s the 「Ramen」 I ordered! After you get your bowl of Ramen, find yourself a place to sit, it’s a help-yourself-style shop. This location is known for having a small Zashiki(Tatami mat floor)seating area. Either take your shoes off and sit on the Tatami or you could keep your shoes on and sit in a sort of side-saddle position with you feet on the ground while leaning in towards the table.

The soup is Tonkotsu style soup. They simmer pork bones and chicken bones then add their secret sauce to the broth. They serve you plenty of soup, so ingredients are hiding inside the soup. You can adjust your bowl of Ramen to your preference by using complementary Kimchi, Chinese chives, and Garlic.

The noodles are made at the shop and these nice wavy noodles match the soup perfectly. Chashu pork is thinly sliced and there are 3-4 slices in each bowl of Ramen. It’s definitely worth 600yen for this size of a serving!

Overall the Ramen was lighter than I expected. I would recommend this ramen to finish off a night of drinking as well !

【Kinryu Ramen Dotonbori】

Address:1 Chome-7-26 Dōtonbori, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-City
Business hours:24 hours
Closed:Open every day
Access:5 minutes walk from Namba station 14 exit on Subway Midosuji Line, Sennichimae Line