Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

A Historic Temple with the Most New Year (Hatsumode) Visitors in Japan.

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Buddhist temple

In 940 AD, this historic temple was built to worship Fudomyo, or "The Immovable One", a powerful Buddhist deity. It was built to pray for the end of the Taira no Masakado War that had started the year before, in 939.
This Fudomyo statue was carved by Kukai, the founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, who prayed as he created it.
When visitors step inside the Great Main Hall, they can pray to Fudomyo, too.。
The Ichikawa family, a long line of kabuki performers, created a play in which Fudomyo makes an appearance. This play gathered the faithful of Naritasan among commoners during the early Edo Period.
It is now a popular temple attracting over 3,000,000 worshippers every year at Hatsumode, the first visit of the New Year.


  • Important cultural structures such as the giant Great Main Hall and the vividly colored Three-Story Pagoda are found here.
  • Over 150 shops span the approximately 800-meter-long Omotesando Shopping Street leading from the station to the temple. .
  • The expansive park covering the temple grounds extends over 165,000 square meters.
  • It is convenient to access by a 10-minute train ride from Narita International Airport.
  • By appointment only, visitors can experience Shakyo (hand-copying a sutra), Zazen (seated Zen meditation) and Danjiki-Shugyo (ascetic fasting).


  • The Great Main Hall and the Three-story Pagoda

    The Great Main Hall and the Three-story Pagoda

  • Naritasan Omotesando Shopping Street

    Naritasan Omotesando Shopping Street

  • Naritasan Park in the Autumn

    Naritasan Park in the Autumn


  • 劉思婷


  • 純子

    今天和朋友到成田山新胜寺去参拜。虽然要乘坐1个多小时的电车才能到,但觉得特别值得。这里不仅是参拜的热门景点,而且面积广阔的公园非常漂亮,在里面散步特别有情趣。参道上有好多家贩售鳗鱼饭的餐厅,一路上散发着碳烤鳗鱼的焦香味 。鳗鱼饭从以前就很受到千叶成田山新胜寺参拜客的爱戴,是成田山的特色美食。一定不要错过哦。

  • 王麗辛


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Official Name
Naritasan Kongo-oin Shinshoji Temple
Postal Code
1 Narita, Narita City, Chiba
No holidays
Open all day
(1) About 10 minutes on foot from Narita Station on the JR Narita Line
(2) About 10 minutes on foot from Keisei-Narita Station on the Keisei Main Line
Official Website
Official Website (English)