For those who fly out from Narita Airport, this article introduces some fun spots in Narita City, where you can enjoy until the very last time on your departure day. [Article series / The Surrounding Areas of Narita Airport Part 1]

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How do you spend the last day of your holiday? Probably, many of you just head to the airport from the hotel to avoid being late to catch your flight. If so, you are wasting the time of the last day! In fact, there are so many attractive spots around Haneda Airport and Narita Airport, which are the exit of the Tokyo metropolitan area. This is a series of articles that introduces plans to maximize your fun-filled time around the airports according to a concept of “Spots where you can have fun until the last minute of your departure day.”

In this article we’ll be introducing you to a number of exciting spots within walking distance from Keisei Narita Station (Narita City, Chiba), which is just 7 mins away from Narita Airport!

Narita City in Chiba Prefecture is popular for over 1,070 year-old Naritasan-Shinshoji Temple and its entrance path. After enjoying traditional Japanese culture, you can continue visiting the beautiful nature and shopping.

Suggested plan: Visit to the entrance path of Naritasan-Shinshoji Temple while enjoying watching long established shops.

Shops which you can enjoy ‘shopping’ are selected!!

Established in around 1870, the brewer has been run for five generations. Chomeisen, made with spring water of Naritasan, which is known as a multi-medicine, is a popular representative brand of them.

Address:540 Kami-cho, Narita City
Business hours:10:00-19:00, Sun.:10:00-18:00
Closed:Open 365 days
Credit cards accepted:A,D,J,M,V,銀

【Nagomi no Yoneya】
The most famous wagashi (Japanese confectionery) shop in Narita. “Peanuts Monaka” is a hit product made of peanut-flavored paste wrapped in soft wafer

Address:500 Kami-cho, Narita City
Business hours:8:00-18:00
Closed:Open 365 days
Credit cards accepted:A,D,J,M,V,銀

This shop is under direct management of a long-standing sake brewery established in 1689. Feel free to taste the sake while selecting your purchase. Fragrant saka-manju cakes and hand- baked rice crackers are also popular!

Address:338 Hon-cho, Narita City
Business hours: 9:00-17:00 *Jun.-Aug. open until 16:00
Closed:Wed. *Open everyday in Jan
Credit cards accepted:A,D,J,M,V

Eateries, where you can enjoy eating/drinking, are selected!!

【Goto Dangoya】
This long-established shop was founded in 1845. Its freshly roasted sweet-and-salty “dango” dumplings, prepared using a stone mortar and pestle, are extremely popular. The dumplings contain no preservatives or additives and are freshly grilled upon ordering.

Address:499 Kami-cho, Narita City
Business hours:10:30-16:30 (Closes when sold out)
Closed:Dec. 31 and some irregular holidays *Open every day in Jan.
Credit cards accepted:Credit cards not accepted

【Kawatoyo Honten】
Opened in 1910, this long-established restaurant serves freshwater eel that is soft and flavorful. You can watch eel being expertly dressed and grilled at the front of the restaurant.

Address:386 Naka-machi, Narita City
Business hours:10:00-17:00 (L.O.)
Closed:None scheduled *Open every day in Jan., Feb., May, and Sep.
Credit cards accepted:Credit cards not accepted

An eel is filleted after your order is placed. After 30 minutes, you will enjoy the perfect combination of the fragrant and tender eel, broiled over charcoal. The secret sauce is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Address:359 Naka-machi, Narita City
Business hours:10:30-17:00
Credit cards accepted:A,D,J,M,V

We selected spots, where you can “see & experience.”

【Naritasan Shinshoji Temple】
Naritasan Shinshoji is one of the Japan’s representative temples with a history of over 1070 years. This is the main temple of the Chisan Sect of Shingon Buddhism, and has been a popular place to visit and pray since it was founded in the year 940. The temple has extensive grounds offering scenic views in every season, and also features many buildings that are designated as important cultural properties. Visitors are also provided with an opportunity to experience a number of Buddhist practices.

Address:1 Narita, Narita City
Business hours:8:00-16:00 (Reception)

Learn about the world of Buddhism and experience a little of its ascetic practices!

Sutra Copying

Experience the Buddhist practice of carefully copying each letter of the sutra (Buddha’s teachings), with the aim of introducing the spirit of Buddha into each and every word that is copied.

Address:Reikoden in the Great Peace Pagoda
Time slot for experience: 8:00-16:00 (last entry at 15:00) *No reservations required
Gohogo Sutra 10 letters (approx. 15 min.) ¥1,000
Heart Sutra 1 roll, 278 characters (approx. 60-120 min.) ¥2,000
*Calligraphy brush is included
*Writing instruments are provided

Goma Prayer

Goma prayers have been offered every single day without fail for over 1000 years, ever since the temple was founded. The rituals are performed as prayers to make our wishes come true.
Reservations accepted: Reservations are accepted by fax, and are recommended for smoother processing.
Application: Accepted up to 5 min. before the start of prayers at Goma registration counters located at several places in the temple grounds.

Address:Great Main Hall
Time slot for experience:6:00/9:00/11:00/13:00/15:00 (May vary depending on the time of year) Duration:30 minutes
fee:Special Goma prayer fee: From ¥30,000 yen
Goma prayer fee: From ¥5,000 yen

Mikkyo Zazen (esoteric seated meditation)

Mikkyo Zazen at Naritasan is a meditation method practiced by the esoteric Shingon Buddhism for the purpose of training the mind. It requires you to sit with your legs crossed and focus on your breathing to clear out the clutter in your mind and bring peace to your soul.
Reservations required: Please call ahead and make a reservation.

Address:Naritasan Shuho Dojo
Time slot for experience:Free 10:00-14:00 Duration: Approx. 40 min

Enjoy nature's seasonal beauties in this vast park

【Naritasan Park】
Naritasan Park, which spans an immense area of 165,000㎡, offers delightful landscapes that include Japanese gardens, a waterfall, and lakes, as well as seasonal natural beauties featuring plum trees, cherry trees, wisterias, chrysanthemums, and autumn foliage.

Naritasan and Kabuki
The first Danjuro Ichikawa, a famous Kabuki actor that took Japan by storm in the late 17th century, was having difficulty having children and went to offer his prayers to Naritasan. Shortly afterwards, a boy was born into the family. In gratitude, Danjuro became a devout follower of Naritasan. Soon, people who wanted their wishes to come true started coming from all over Japan to offer their prayers at this temple, too. Ever since then, the Ichikawa family has continued to be blessed with children, thus ensuring the family’s continuous association to both their religious practices and their art.

Statue of Danjuro Ichikawa VII at Gakudo Hall.

Naritasan 1080th Anniversary Festival
Different from the existing annual festival, the Anniversary Festival is only held every 10 years and includes a number of extra related events. We highly urge you to visit during this period if possible!
Festival Period: April 28 to May 28, 2018

This article will show you how to enjoy the area surrounding Keisei Narita Station to the fullest by making use of the Narita-Kaiun Pass!

【Narita-Kaiun Pass】
The Narita-Kaiun Pass is a round trip ticket between Keisei Narita Station and the station where you purchased the pass, combined with an assortment of discounts and benefits at shops and facilities around the Narita-san Shinshoji Temple. Simply present your ticket at any of the participating 90 shops and facilities around Narita-san Omotesando to receive various benefits, such as free entrance, discounts, etc. You can also present your ticket when purchasing good luck charms/other items at the temple booth to receive a small gift. While the cost varies depending on where you purchase the ticket, it can be purchased from Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station or Narita Airport Terminal 2・3 Station for 480 yen. That’s already 40 yen less than a regular round-trip fare alone!

Also, it may interest you to know that free Wi-Fi is available within Keisei Narita Station!

With Keisei Narita Station being only 7 minutes away from Narita Airport, you can head out for a bit of fun before your flight home to get the most out of your trip to Japan!

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