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Kikyouya "Kikyou Shingen Mochi”

This is a famous sweet that has won many awards and is loved by many people in Yamanashi Prefecture.

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Kikyou Shingen Mochi, which has been on sale since 1968, is one of the most famous sweets in Yamanashi Prefecture. Mochi, which is soft and bite-sized, is eaten with plenty of Kinako (soybean flour) and Kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) served separately. The idea of making Abekawa-mochi, which was eaten during the Obon period (the Festival of the Dead or Buddhist All Souls' Day), was to make it smaller in modern style. The rice cake, which contains no additives, has a simple and soft taste, and the molten richness of the molasses is something you cannot find anywhere else. Since its launch, the company has been carefully maintaining its handmade taste.

One of the features of Kikyou Shingen-Mochi is that it is wrapped in plastic furoshiki. This furoshiki, which was new at the time of its release, is one of the reasons why Kikyou Shingen Mochi has become widely loved. The wrapping of this furoshiki is not a machine but is all done by hand by confectioners. They are tied one by one with all their heart.

Kikyou Shingen Mochi, which won many awards, including the 19 Annual National Confectionery Exposition Honorary President Award and the Monde Selection Gold Prize, is a confectionery that everyone loves. Because it is individually wrapped, it is easy to distribute as a souvenir. According to the recipient's preference, it is also recommended to choose a red, navy blue, or white bag.


  • One of Yamanashi’s best-known sweets.
  • The original homey taste since it was released.
  • Each wrapping cloth is hand-tied by confectioners.


  • Kikyou Shingen Mochi

    Kikyou Shingen Mochi

  • The bag of Kikyou Shingen Mochi in three colors: red, navy blue, and white

    The bag of Kikyou Shingen Mochi in three colors: red, navy blue, and white


  • 蔡粉絲



  • 巫宜冠


  • 林巧巧

    口感很特別 小孩也超喜歡吃的

  • 林柔辰

    好吃 甜度剛好,而且黃豆跟黑糖的香氣超讚的


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