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Red Perilla (YukariⓇ) Rice Seasoning

Simply sprinkle or mix it into rice to make delicious perilla-flavored rice.

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Shiso rice seasing made of high quality red shiso leaf. To make delicious shiso rice just add 1 to 2g of the rice seasoning to one bowl (approx. 150g) of rice.
This seasoning has been popular ever since it was first released in 1970, it is a popular choice for school lunches.
Of course the seasoning can be used in other dishes too, such as tempura.


  • Easy to prepare delicious perilla-flavored rice by just sprinkling or mixing it into cooked rice.
  • Plum and green shiso varieties also available.
  • A beloved flavor served in school lunches and loved by people across Japan.


  • The familiar packaging features a purple color reminiscent of shiso leaves.

    The familiar packaging features a purple color reminiscent of shiso leaves.

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Product name in Japanese
混ぜ込み用ごはんの素 ゆかりⓇ
Mishima Foods Co., Ltd.
Available at
Available at supermarkets throughout Japan
22g 130yen (tax not included)
*Prices may vary by shop.
*Also comes in different sizes.
2kcal (per 1g)
Shelf Life
365 days
Official Website
Official Website (English)