Yukari® Rice Seasoning

Make Shiso rice simply by mixing this seasing in to your rice

Rice seasoning

Shiso rice seasing made of high quality red shiso leaf. To make delicious shiso rice just add 1 to 2g of the rice seasoning to one bowl (approx. 150g) of rice.
This seasoning has been popular ever since it was first released in 1970, it is a popular choice for school lunches.
Of course the seasoning can be used in other dishes too, such as tempura.


  • Make shiso rice simply by mixing in this rice seasoning.
  • Plum and green shiso varieties also available.


  • Yukari® Rice Seasoning

    Yukari® Rice Seasoning

  • Shiso rice

    Shiso rice

  • Nutrition facts label

    Nutrition facts label


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Product name in Japanese
Mishima Foods Co., Ltd.
26g 130yen (tax not included)
*Prices may vary by shop.
*Also comes in different sizes.
Shelf Life
365 days
Available at
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)