Yamada Zenjidou stationery series

Stationery series features unique designs from illustrator Yamada Zenjidou.

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A stationery series designed by Yamada Zenjidou, the illustrator who became a hit on social media.
Yamada Zenjidou is a self-taught artist creating surreal, ukiyo-e style illustrations and easily relatable scenes from everyday life. These unique designs have now been turned into a stationery series.
Stationery on sale includes A4 folders, A5 notebooks, sticky notes, memo pads, stickers, and pen cases.
The goods casually introduce ukiyo-e and history into your everyday life.


  • The surreal world of Yamada Zenjidou in stationery form .
  • Add a sense of fun to your everyday stationery.
  • Images from ukiyo-e and history draw with a light-touch.
  • The ideal souvenir from your trip to Japan.


  • Yamada Zenjidou stationery series

    Yamada Zenjidou stationery series

  • Unique stationery

    Unique stationery

  • The surreal world of Yamada Zenjidou

    The surreal world of Yamada Zenjidou



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Gakken Sta:Ful Co.,Ltd.
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Stationery shops, general stores, etc.
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