A tray-style pen case that can easily be opened and closed in 1 second with one hand


This colorful tray-style pen case can easily be opened. There are magnets inside of the opening, so it can be opened and closed with either your left or right hand by grasping the side of the belt and lifting it.
It is designed so that the contents do not split out when it is closed and turned upside down.
It opens widely and even stays in place once opened, making it easy to take out writing materials just like a pen tray.
It has plenty of storage that can fit about 15 pens at most.
It has a popular dual color design that comes in 10 types in all. It has a colorful, unisex design that pops, and its variety of colors makes you want to pick one out based on what you like and how you are feeling.


  • It can easily be opened and closed in 1 second with one hand.
  • It can also be used as a pen tray when opened widely.
  • It has a wide variety of colors with 10 in all.


  • Arkno's 10 total colors
  • Usage example
  • Its contents will not split out even when turned upside down


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Product name in Japanese
Sun-Star Stationery Co.,Ltd.
1,300yen (tax not included)
Approximately W 180mm x H 35mm x D 75mm
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)