Taiza Crab at Kyotango Ryugu Project

Uniquely local cooking experience using exceptionally fresh crabs


Tamatebako Female Snow Crab Bowl Making Experience

Rice bowl making experience at a local inn using crabs caught in Taiza, Japan's leading crabbing area. The female snow crabs used as an ingredient are on the smaller side, but the rich miso, bubbly textured roe (fertilized), and unfertilized roe on the inside of the shell are widely enjoyed as delicacies.

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  • The female snow crab used for cooking. Cute and round eyes.
  • When boiled in the specialty soup, the body expands and the unfertilized roe appears.
  • The boiled crab is disassembled. It is filled with miso.
  • The flesh inside the legs is difficult to extract, so it is pushed out using a pestle.
  • Ingredients that you will want to eat on the spot. The photo shows a single person portion.
  • Place atop the rice confidently as if sprinkling without being too concerned with the arrangement.
  • Finally, complete the dish by adding wasabi. The mizuna greens produced in Kyotango provide a refreshing compliment.


  • Katie Allen

    Getting to make a sushi roll, cut sashimi and make our own sashimi and crab dish.

  • Happy Ronin

    The staff at Kyotango Ryugu Project were wonderful and so funny and fun to be around. From their crab dance to teaching us Tango べん (dialect), they were so upbeat and made the whole experience really enjoyable. I loved that we got to in the kitchen and not only make maki sushi but also their own special female crab どんぶり(topped rice). The women were so helpful and stayed right by us giving us direction and encouragement the whole time. And even more so, we made a gigantic tray of nigiri sushi! The whole experience led to a remarkable banquet of all the food we made and both crab hot pots and grilled crab. It was delicious and with the cold weather it was the perfect meal.

  • Steve

    Amazing food experience! We made hand roll and nigiri sushi and crab row bowls. We also had bbq crab and crab hot pot. Everything was delicious and the old ladies who organized the experience were so friendly and cute! They have sea kayaking in summer, so I'll return for that!

  • Lioneye

    Getting to do the cooking

  • Diana

    It was very interesting experience of cooking Japanese meals and a huge variety of delicious seafood to try.

  • Matthias

    Preparing the food by ourselves.

  • Erin

    The whole meal was very delicious and traditional. Also we were served strawberry from the private farm which was really nice.

  • Charlie

    The food was delicious!

  • Coop

    Getting to prepare the crab for the meal and make Nigri sushi. The staff was very great and very fun. The food was amazing.

Experience information

Name of experience
Kyotango Ryugu Tamatebako Female Snow Crab Bowl Making Experience
Name of Facility
Umashiyado Totoya
566 Taiza, Tango-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto 627-0201
Telephone number
Experience period
November 6th to December (snow crab season)
Accepted payment methods
VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express
5,000 yen to 10,000 yen
Number of guests accepted (groups)
2 to 10 people
Multi-language support
Official Website
Official Website (English)