Sea Kayaking at Honjo Bay in Ine

Ine sea kayaking experience at the "legendary place of Taro Urashima"

Ine Tourism Association

Honjo district of Ine Town is a place where people still believe is the scene of the Japanese fairy tale "Taro Urashima." In the legend story, Urashima was invited to Ryugu Castle because he helped a turtle being bullied by children on the beach. You can start sailing from the beach which appears in the Urashima legend as "Immortal Beach" (Tokoyo no Hama) and see the rias coastline which is unique to the Sea of Japan from the sea. An instructor will teach you carefully so beginners can participate with a peace of mind.

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  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask your instructors before the departure.
  • You can enjoy a new and different view of Ine from the sea which you cannot see from the land.
  • You can enjoy a pleasant time by just paddling slowly and softly on the sea.


Experience information

Name of facility
Ine Tourism Association
Name of experience
Ine sea kayaking experience at the "legendary place of Taro Urashima"
491 Hirata, Yosagun Inecho, Kyoto 626-0423
*The gathering place is in front of the bathroom of Honjo Beach
Business Hours
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
Regular holidays
late April ~ the end of September
Budget: 12 years old and older 7,000 yen, 11 years old and under 6,000 yen
Payment methods
Cash only
Number of guests accepted (groups)
1 to 6 people
Telephone number
Multi-language support
Available (English) * Only basic English support is available.
*We do not accept participation from those who fall under any of the following. We appreciate your understanding.
Those who are under elementary school age, in a state of inebriation due to consumption of alcohol or drugs, having a chronic condition or illness, being in a bad shape, having an extreme lack of sleep, being pregnant and those whose nails come off easily or are too long and easy to break.
*Cancellation policy: 5~2 days before : 30% / 1 day before: 50% / The day of participation and no participation without a prior notification: 100%
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