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Tea Room Experience and Garden Viewing

Shōkadō Shōjō was a Buddhist monk of the early Edo period (1603-1868), as well as a man of culture. With his talent for the arts, Shōjō left us excellent calligraphy works and paintings, and the tea ceremonies that he hosted used to attract many cultured people and flourished as a place of exchange. In his last years, he retired to small residence (Shōkadō) that he built in Otokoyama in Yawata City, Kyoto, where he lived simply until his death in 1639. Since then, Shōkadō has been relocated several times. In 2014 it was relocated in Shōkadō garden, which was designated a national place of scenic beauty.

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  • In early summer, the garden is surrounded by lush landscapes.
  • Colored carps swim elegantly in the park's pond and moat.
  • Landscapes decorated with stone lanterns and suikinkutsu ornaments are scattered everywhere, allowing you to sense the Japanese atmosphere.
  • Shō-in is a tea house built in the sukiya style (Japanese traditional architectural style).
  • In the tei-cha tea ceremony, even beginners can readily experience the Way of Tea.
  • The view of the garden seen from the inside of Shō-in has a painting-like beauty.
  • The Shōkadō Bentō lets you enjoy the aesthetic beauty and taste of kaiseki cuisine.
  • The Shōkadō Museum holds temporary exhibitions and special displays (please contact us for details).


  • Byz

    The tea masters were competent, patient and kind. The volunteer guide was very interesting and helpful.

  • anna23

    First time in my life to experience tea cerimony. I could understood how it works, what's behind it. The staff kindly explained us the tools used and the meaning of this ancient tradition. It was special to experience it in the city were the tea cerimony (origially from China) was done for the first time in Japanese history, Kyoto. And definitely tasted a wonderful super super delicious tea, then visiting a very traditional Garden with the kind explanations of the volunteer staff :D

  • Erin

    I love to learn more about the tea ceremony and how to properly enjoy it. The garden was very pretty and I’m glad we could see some camellias!

  • AI

    We enjoyed a traditional tea ceremony performed in a beautiful, serene traditional tea room by veterans who explained the movements and answered questions. The atmosphere was relaxed and we enjoyed matcha green tea and the wagashi traditional sweets before strolling through the beautiful moss and bamboo gardens and feeding the Japanese carp.

  • Hannah

    The deep explanation of the tea ceremony was really interesting.

  • HC93

    The wagashi was delicious and the local staff answered so many questions, they were so nice! Feeding the koi fish was lovely too.

Experience information

Name of facility
Yawata City Shōkadō Garden and Art Museum
Name of experience
Tei-cha tea ceremony experience and garden walk
43-1 Yawataominaeshi, Yawata City, Kyoto 614-8077
Opening hours and dates
Opening hours of the facility: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
The tei-cha tea ceremony experience will be held irregularly on Sundays (inquiries required)
Mondays (the following business day if Monday is a national holiday), New Year's holiday
Garden admission fee = 100 yen, museum admission fee = 400 yen, tei-cha tea experience = 600-800 yen (inquiries required)
Payment methods
Cash only
Accepted number of participants (group)
for the tei-cha tea ceremony, about 5 people
Telephone number
Multilingual support
Available (inquiries required)
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)