A collaborative T-shirt from apparel brand GLOBAL WORK and manga 'Kaiji'

Long-sleeved T-shirts featuring famous scenes from popular manga 'Kaiji'


The T-shirts, available in four designs, feature prints of famous scenes from ‘Kaiji’—a unique work that represents the profundity of Japanese manga culture. The long sleeve T-shirts feature images of characters from the manga and memorable quotes.
Apparel brand GLOBAL WORK, who have established stores in numerous shopping centers, sell collaborative goods from various areas of Japanese culture. These goods are only available in GLOBAL WORK stores.
A portion of the proceeds from these goods will be donated to the ‘Sakura Namiki Network’, an organization that is planting cherry trees to preserve the awareness of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.


  • T-shirts feature characters and quotes from Kaiji, a manga that epitomizes Japanese culture.
  • Available at the 200+ GLOBAL WORK stores found all over Japan.
  • Part of the proceeds to be donated to the ‘Sakura Namiki Network’, planting cherry trees on the site of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.


  • T-shirts featuring designs from manga ‘Kaiji’

    T-shirts featuring designs from manga ‘Kaiji’

  • Long sleeve T-shirt

    Long sleeve T-shirt


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Product name in Japanese
Adastria Co., Ltd.
3,500 yen (tax not included)
Available at
All ‘GLOBAL WORK’ stores(excluding outlet stores)
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)