Morinaga Bifidus Yogurt, for Aiding Bowel Movements

If Constipation Plagues You, First Try This Product for 3 Days!


This yogurt is a product from the “Bifidus Yogurt” series, and it emphasizes the importance of aiding bowel movements.
It contains 2 billion “Lactobacillus bifidus BB536,” an ingredient unique to the Morinaga dairy industry.
Bifidus BB536 creates acid within the intestines and stimulates them, helping to improve bowel movements.
In addition to the typical yogurt type, there is also a drinkable type available.
The gentle sweet flavor of milk oligosaccharides and the low-fat recipe make for a delicious yogurt.


  • Japan’s first yogurt labeled for “constipation.”
  • Contains 20 billion bifidus BB536.
  • Consume 1 serving per day.


  • Morinaga Bifidus Yogurt, for Aiding Bowel Movements
  • Morinaga Bifidus Yogurt, for Aiding Bowel Movements
  • Drinkable type


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Product name in Japanese
Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
Volume / Price
100g 133 yen (tax not included)
*The price may vary depending on the store.
Available at
supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)