Ocean Terrace

An ocean view grill restaurant serving rare Awaji beef and offering one of the "100 best sunsets in Japan.”

Awaji Beef, restaurant, café

The Ocean Terrace is a grill restaurant with 100 terrace seats on the third floor which presents the perfect location to look out over the nearby Seto Inland Sea, which changes with every passing hour. While gazing out at this beautiful view, you can enjoy different brands of beef, especially the Awaji Beef from the Tajima Beef breed. These cattle are born and raised on Awaji Island and have passed strict standards. Awaji Beef is a rare breed, with only about 150 cows certified annually.

Their signature dish, steaks, are prepared in two styles. While Awaji-gyu steaks are prepared in Japan's first self-roasted style on a custom-made lava plate, the Awaji steaks are grilled and served by a chef. Also, local ingredients from Awaji Island are used for the salads and other dishes on the set and course menus. A variety of drinks are also available, including sake from local breweries, local beer, and other Awaji products.

They also offer a French sandwich "Casse Croute" with vegetables from Awaji at the café "miele the garden" on the second floor.
Enjoy your meal while watching one of the "100 best sunsets in Japan.”


  • You can enjoy your meal while watching a sunset selected as one of the top 100 sunsets in Japan,
  • They offer steaks from different cuts of the valuable Awaji Beef.
  • Japan's first self-roasting style.


  • The beautiful sunset selected as one of the “100 best sunsets in Japan.”

    The beautiful sunset selected as one of the “100 best sunsets in Japan.”

  • Terrace seats

    Terrace seats

  • They offer steaks of different cuts from rare Awaji Beef.

    They offer steaks of different cuts from rare Awaji Beef.


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Name in Japanese
Ocean Terrace
Postal Code
816 Nojimahikinoura, Awaji City, Hyogo
Business Hours
11:30am-3:00pm (L.O.2:00pm), 5:00pm-9:00pm (L.O.8:00pm)
※Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant is currently open in shortened hours (at Aug. 2021).
4,000-8,000 yen
1) From Akashi Station on the JR Kobe Line, walk about 10 minutes to Akashi Port. From Akashi Port, take a high-speed ferry, Genoa Line, to Iwaya Port (13 minutes). 25 minutes shuttle bus ride from Iwaya Port.
2) About 11 minutes car ride from Awaji interchange of Kobe-awaji-Naruto Expressway.
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