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Aburiniku Kobo Wakkoqu
Kitanozaka Flagship Restaurant

A long-established steak restaurant where you can enjoy premium Kobe beef.

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Kitano city district is home to the very exotic Kobe Ijinkan-Gai (former foreign residential street). Located at its gateway is the “Wakkoqu Kitanozaka Flagship Restaurant”. A long-established restaurant where you can enjoy Teppanyaki (Japanese iron griddle cuisine) of Kobe beef in a western atmosphere with Japanese attention to detail.

All seating is counter-style with a flat iron griddle, and can watch the food being prepared in front of your eyes. You can have a food experience packed with action that overflows with a sense of presence.

This restaurant’s number one attraction is nothing other than the high-quality ingredients. Tajima-gyu (Tajima beef cattle) meat is also a piece of art, and from this the finest meat of even higher quality called “Kobe-gyu” are further carefully selected and used. It is served by slowly cooking the meat on the griddle with a unique technique.

Whether you choose natural sea salt, pepper, mustard or their characteristic Wakkoqu-style sauce, you can enjoy the meat’s true flavor to its fullest, but having the first bite with salt alone would be encouraged.
An extensive drinks menu including wine is also provided.


  • The exotic Kobe Ijinkan-Gai, and the long-established restaurant at the gateway of Kitano.
  • All seating is counter-style, and you can watch the food being prepared in front of your eyes.
  • Carefully selected high quality “Kobe-gyu” is used.
  • A drinks menu with a wide variety, including wine.


  • The exterior

    The exterior

  • The interior

    The interior

  • The interior

    The interior

  • Carefully selected ingredients are used

    Carefully selected ingredients are used

  • Beef steak

    Beef steak


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Name in Japanese
あぶり肉工房 和黒 北野坂店
Postal Code
1F Hillside Terrace 1-22-13 Nakayamatedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo
Business Hours
12:00pm-10:00pm (L.O. 9:00pm)
Open every day
Lunch 5,000-8,000 yen, Dinner 10,000-20,000 yen
About 10 minutes on foot from Sannomiya Station via each rail line
Credit Cards
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)