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Mt. Joudoji Observation Deck

A Spot with a Great View Overlooking the City of Onomichi and the Onomichi Channel.

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Mt. Jodouji is one of the three mountains of Onomichi, and it stands at an altitude of 178.8 meters. Located at the top of the mountain is the Mt. Joudoji Observation Deck. There you can look out over the city of Onomichi, the Onomichi Channel, the shipyards out at Mukaishima Island, and the islands dotting the Shimanami Kaido, as well as take in the beautiful seasonal scenery, like mountain cherry blossoms and azaleas during the spring and colorful leaves in the fall. The observation deck is also a famous spot for enjoying sunsets and night views, offering a lovely romantic view of the shining city.

33 Jizo statues stand in a line known as “Kannon no Komichi,” leading from the main hall of Jodoji Temple at the foot of the mountain to the inner sanctuary near the summit. Along the way is the Fudoiwa Observation Deck, located atop a huge boulder with a carving of Fudo Myoo carved into its side, where you can take in both a beautiful view and thrills. The inner sanctuary is yet another famous scenic location, overlooking the Onomichi Channel.


  • An observation deck located at the summit of Mt. Joudoji, one of the three mountains of Onomichi and with an altitude of 178.8 meters.
  • Look out and see the city of Onomichi, the Onomichi channel, and the islands along the Shimanami Kaido.
  • Views of the sunset and at night are also stunning! A flashlight is required, as it is dark and difficult to walk the area at night.
  • The view from Fudoiwa Observation Deck and the inner sanctuary are also amazing.
  • Not only are there established paths up to the summit, but there are also rougher paths you can climb using chains.


  • Mt. Joudoji Observation Deck

    Mt. Joudoji Observation Deck

  • Enjoy beautiful views during the day and at night

    Enjoy beautiful views during the day and at night

  • Beautiful scenery

    Beautiful scenery

  • The view at night is a different type of beautiful

    The view at night is a different type of beautiful

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Ozakicho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima
0848‐38‐9184‬ (Onomichi City Tourism Division)
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About 10 minutes by bus from JR Onomichi Station to Jodoji Temple (“Jodoji” bus stop). From there, about a 30-minute walk from the east side of Jodoji Temple via the “Kannon no Komichi” path.
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