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Homemade ice cream with a nostalgic flavor that has been long loved in Onomichi City

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Karasawa is an ice cream specialist shop on the waterfront, about 8 minutes on foot from the Onomichi Station.
The signature item, Ice Monaka (a wafer ice cream sandwich), is always made to order by sandwiching ice cream between the Monaka wafers. The thin crispy wafer is fragrant, and the delicate sweetness of the ice cream made from many eggs is excellent.

The ice cream flavor between April to September is “Tamago Ice” (egg ice cream) only. During other seasons Matcha, Sesame, Chocolate, and Strawberry ice cream are added to the menu for a limited time.
Other kinds include ice cream with sweetcorn, and ice cream in Zenzai (a thick azuki bean dessert soup).

It is nice to eat in the restaurant where one can feel the warmth of the wood, but having a bite on a bench at the jetty whilst overlooking the sea of Onomichi is also recommended.


  • A nostalgic ice cream using many eggs from Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • The popular item is Ice Monaka. The 180 yen a piece price tag is also welcoming.
  • Eating on a bench at the jetty whilst overlooking the sea of Onomichi is also recommended.
  • The ice cream is also sold in shops around Onomichi Station.


  • The exterior

    The exterior

  • Cream Zenzai, Ice Monaka

    Cream Zenzai, Ice Monaka

  • Matcha Monaka

    Matcha Monaka

  • The interior

    The interior

  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

  • The benches on the jetty

    The benches on the jetty


  • 林進權



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
1-15-19 Tsuchido, Onomichi City, Hiroshima
Business Hours
10:00am-7:00pm (6:00pm between October-March)
Tuesdays (open on national holidays and closed the following day)
※ Tuesdays and every second Wednesdays between October-March
180-500 yen
About 8 minutes on foot from the JR Sanyo Main Line Onomichi Station
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)