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Senkoji Temple

An ancient temple with an amazing view, a long history and rich folklore!

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The Senkoji temple is located on the mountain sides of Mt. Senkojiyama and has a centuries old history since its establishment in 806.

The Main building is called Akado, aka “red hall”, as the name suggests, is painted with a bright vermilion red pigment. The building stands harmoniously within the beautiful surrounding nature of blue sky and sea, and a luscious green forest. Various lucky amulets are available for traffic safety, family well-being, passing exams, love and marriage.

There are many interesting spots in the temple; Tama-no-iwa, or round stone, where folklore says once sat an illuminated shining stone, or celestial light; Kagami-iwa or mirror stone, believed to reflect back light from tama-no-iwa, the sun, and moon; shoro or bell tower, which is also called toki-no-kane or clock bell; sanjusan-kannondo, 33 Kannon bodhisattva hall, which is said to offer the same benefits as the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage.

In Kusariyama or chain mountain, and at Mt. Ishizuchiyama, once used as a monastic training center, anyone can climb up the steep rock trail using chain ropes (100-yen fee). It is definitely worth the climb for anyone physically competent to experience a little monastic training, via this thrilling activity. The view from the top is breathtaking.
Tsuzumi-iwa or hand drum stone, is also called pon-pon iwa, because of the similar sound of a Japanese hand drum when hit with a hard object. Atop the second largest rock in the temple you can enjoy a spectacular view!


  • A mountain side historic temple related to various ancient tales of folklore.
  • The red building stands harmoniously within the surrounding beautiful nature of blue sky and sea and a luscious green forest.
  • Kachi-kachi-juzu prayer beads in the sanjusan-kannondo (33 kannon bodhisattva hall) makes sounds as praying for happiness.
  • Ishizuchiyama, once was monastic training center, allows you to experience a monastic training climb and a thrilling activity.


  • Main hall and Onomichi landscape 
(picture from the ropeway)

    Main hall and Onomichi landscape (picture from the ropeway)

  • The view from the main hall

    The view from the main hall

  • Shoro (bell tower)

    Shoro (bell tower)

  • Tama-no-iwa and the ropeway

    Tama-no-iwa and the ropeway

  • Tsudumi-iwa (pon-pon iwa)

    Tsudumi-iwa (pon-pon iwa)




  • William Guo


  • 陳盈燕



Name in Japanese
尾道 大宝山 千光寺
Postal Code
15-1 Higashitsuchidocho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima
Open hours
9:00 am-5:00 pm
Operation hour for the Senkoji Ropeway
9:00 am – 5:15 pm (every 15 minutes)
Days Closed
December 29-31
Take a bus from JR Onomichi station to Nagae-guchi bus stop. From there, 3 minutes with a ropeway or 5 minutes’ walk along the Path of Literature.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)