Cat Alley (Neko no Hosomichi)

A road lined with cat-themed objects


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Cat Alley, or Neko no Hosomichi, is the 200-meter narrow road that stretches from Ushitora Shrine in Nagae, an area of Onomichi City (Hiroshima). The road was started in 1998 when artist Shunji Sonoyama painted the “fukuishineko” lucky stone cats found along the road. Since then, it has been nicked named “Cat Alley”, an attraction loved by many visitors to Onomichi.

In addition to the round, cute stone cat designs, there are other cat motifs like tiles painted with images of cats. The road is home to many real cat paths, where generations of cats have lived and lounged.

Nearby you can also find a hidden shop made from a restored home, a museum, and other spots to visit during a stroll. One especially popular spot for cat-lovers is the Maneki-Neko Museum, a museum in Onomichi with a collection of over 3,000 lucky cats from across Japan.


  • countless “cat” themed works to enjoy, including the fukuishi neko, hand-painted stone cats.
  • plenty of trendy shops and museums nearby.
  • the Maneki-Neko Museum is home to a collection over 3,000 different sized lucky cats from across Japan.
  • home to countless of little paths where generations of cats live and lounge.


  • Pools of light shining down on Cat Alley during the summer
  • Cat Alley is home to many "fukuishi-neko”, lucky cat stones hand painted by Shunji Sonoyama
  • Popular strolling spot where you can try to find as many lucky fukuishi-neko cats as you can along the way
  • View of Cat Alley from Ushitora Shrine on a rainy day
  • Little shops like hidden homes and museums can be found across Cat Alley


  • Suju Chang


  • 姜彩嬌


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
Higashitsuchidocho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima
Entrance fee
Closed Days
1 min. walk from the Sanroku Station of the Senkoji Ropeway
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Official Website (Japanese)