Samurai Residences in Kakunodate

Take in the Beautiful Cityscape Featuring Black Fencing and Samurai Residences.

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In Kakunodate, part of the city of Semboku in Akita Prefecture, exists rows of old houses first attributed to the Ashina family in the early Edo period (around year 1620), that later flourished under the castle town of the Satake-Kita family. This district has been designated as protected in an effort to conserve traditional buildings.
This area has what are known as “samurai residence streets,” where there are rows of residencies formerly owned by samurai.

The houses, lined with black fencing and weeping cherry trees, are a beautiful sight, and the area is sometimes referred to as “The Little Kyoto of Michinoku.”
There are many samurai residences in this area, but the most famous among them is the Kakunodate Historical Village Aoyagi House, which is designated as an important cultural asset of Akita Prefecture.
The Aoyagi family once served as samurai retainers for the Ashina Clan. The grounds are expansive, and visitors can tour areas like the main house, armory, and samurai equipment storage. Inside the building are over 30,000 pieces of art and armor that have been protected and cherished for generations.
The entryway, known as Yakuimon Gate, is a prestigious landmark.


  • An area that retains the old atmosphere of a former samurai town.
  • Several samurai residences are open for visits.
  • Chosen as a national protected district for the conservation of traditional buildings
  • During the spring, the contrast between the black fencing and weeping cherry trees is stunning.
  • Rickshaw rides are a recommended experience when visiting.


  • Weeping cherry trees

    Weeping cherry trees

  • Kakunodate and fresh spring greenery

    Kakunodate and fresh spring greenery

  • Aoyagi House

    Aoyagi House

  • Iwahashi House

    Iwahashi House

  • Fall, samurai residence

    Fall, samurai residence

  • Rickshaw



  • Shakun Tse


  • Chun-Hao Wang

    擁有日本櫻花百選之一的枝垂櫻,巨大而且壯觀, 而武家建築又是最具代表的江戶時期武家街道,因此角館又有「 陸奧小京都 」美譽

  • Hao Chien


  • 歐文


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Name in Japanese
Omotemachikami-cho through Higashikatsuraku-cho, Kakunodate-machi, Semboku City, Akita Prefecture
Open any time to walk around
Free to walk around
A 15-minute walk from the JR Kakunodate Station, or 5 minutes by car.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)