Wakayama Marina City

An artificial island in Wakaura loaded with amusement.

An artificial island, a multi amusement facility

An artificial island sits in Wakaura, a scenic area southeast of Wakayama City. It offers a variety of amusement. A theme park, Porto Europe, with a fancy European townscape and other features will let you have fun all day.

Everyday, there is a tuna-cutting demonstration at Kuroshio Market, where fresh local fish and seafood from the nearby ocean are available. Besides sashimi, sushi and seafood rice bowl, BBQ sets are sold which you can purchase and taste at the outdoor terrace tables with grills. Upstairs hosts a buffet restaurant serving tuna freshly cut up.

Many repeaters visit Umizuri Koen (Ocean Fishing Park), where even beginners get big ones like red bream and yellowtail from the fishing hole set up. The footing is not made of rafts, but with concrete, safe for families with small children.

After lots of fun and good food, enjoy a healing time at a bathing facility, Kishu-Kuroshio Onsen. The chloride spring from 1,500m-deep Cretaceous layer in the ocean is called the heat water that helps you keep warm. Relax in the hot spring and watch the yacht harbor and ocean scenery.


  • The theme park with a lovely European streetscape is free of admission.
  • All-day fun with full of attractions.
  • Kuroshio Market’s tuna cutting demonstration is a must to see.
  • Catch a big one at the ocean fishing hole.
  • Relaxing time at a hot spring facility.


  • Kuroshio Market's BBQ terrace

    Kuroshio Market's BBQ terrace

  • Daily tuna-cutting demonstration

    Daily tuna-cutting demonstration

  • The ocean fishing hole

    The ocean fishing hole

  • Fireworks adore summer nights every year

    Fireworks adore summer nights every year

  • Kishu Kuroshio Hot Spring with a gorgeous view

    Kishu Kuroshio Hot Spring with a gorgeous view

  • Fantastic townscape of Porto Europe

    Fantastic townscape of Porto Europe


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1527 Kemi, Wakayama City, Wakayama
Irregular holidays (Refer to the official website)
Depend on facilities
Depend on facilities
1) from JR Lines, Kainan Station, ride Wakayama Bus for 15 min.
2) from Nankai Lines, Wakayamashi Station, ride Wakayama Bus for 40 min.
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