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Ryujin Onsen

Many onsen fans come from afar! One of Japan’s beauty hot springs.

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Into the Kii Mountains without any railroad, a steady stream of hot spring fans keep coming. The reason for this is because it has great water which is counted as one of the beauty secrets in Japan.

Sodium hydrogen carbonate spring (alkaline spring) has no color and is clear, very soft water. After bathing, you experience the smoothness and the moisture on your skin as if a beauty serum was applied. It is also effective for chills, neuralgia, and stiff shoulders. Quite a few visitors stay here for a long time to rehabilitate in the hot spring.

The beginning of this place goes back about 1300 years. A legend says Reverend Kobo Taishi received a revelation from Shesha (Dragon King Nanda) to open this hot spring. During the Edo Period, Kishu Feudal Government and the place had developed a close business relationship and inns began to be built to host travelers. Today, a number of inns along the Hidakagawa River have led the good hot spring into their baths to form a sentimental onsen community surrounded by nature. There is also a public bath Ryujin Onsen Motoyu from 7am to 9pm. You can stop by after touring Kumano Shrine and such.

With snowdrift in winter, it has another kind of beauty, but then, you need to watch out for the public bus service from Mt. Koya that may stop. 


  • A hidden charm hot spring deep in the Kii mountains.
  • After bathing, your skin feels like a beauty serum was applied.
  • It was opened by Reverend Kobo Daishi about 1300 years ago.


  • The clear Hidakagawa River

    The clear Hidakagawa River

  • The environment that allows you to see sky-full of stars

    The environment that allows you to see sky-full of stars

  • Nostalgic onsen townscape

    Nostalgic onsen townscape

  • Ryujin Onsen Motoyu, exterior

    Ryujin Onsen Motoyu, exterior

  • A dragon statue greets

    A dragon statue greets

  • Ryujin Onsen Motoyu, an open hot spring

    Ryujin Onsen Motoyu, an open hot spring


  • 孫佳玲

    龍神溫泉無色透明無味 泡湯完後通體舒暢也很舒壓,對於疲勞有很深的放鬆


Name in Japanese
Postal Code
Ryujinmuraryujin, Tanabe City, Wakayama
0739-78-2222 (Ryujin Tourism Association)
Open every day (Ryujin Onsen Motoyu)
Business Hours
7:00am-9:00pm (Ryujin Onsen Motoyu)
Adult (middle schooler and older): 800 yen, Elementary children: 400 yen, Toddler: Free (Ryujin Onsen Motoyu)
from JR Kisei Main Line, Kii Tanabe Station, ride Ryujin Bus for an hour and 18 min.
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)