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The enchanting island that reminds you of the popular anime movie.

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A part of Setonaikai National Park, Tomogashima is the name for four islands in the Kitan Channel. Of those, Okinoshima looks like the world of the nationally-famous animation and is called Laputa Island. From the main Island’s Kada Port, a 20-min ferry ride will take you to the island.

In the Meiji period, much of the Island was developed as the Imperial Army’s fortress. The ruins of cannon platforms and ammunition depots still exist. Though beaten by wind and rain, many of the brick structures are standing strong. Follow the tour map and hike on the path throughout the island. Alongside the 2 and a half hour course at a leisurely pace, there are many viewpoints that overlook the panoramic blue ocean.

The temperatures are mild throughout the year, and you can see almost 400 kinds of plants, some of which are rare species.


  • The fortress ruin that reminds you of the setting of the nationally-known animation.
  • A 2-and-a-half-hour hiking course goes around the Island.
  • The island of rich nature with almost 400 kinds of plants.


  • Ikejiri Beach

    Ikejiri Beach

  • Minami-Tarumi Field

    Minami-Tarumi Field

  • The 2nd cannon platform

    The 2nd cannon platform

  • The 3rd cannon platform

    The 3rd cannon platform

  • Tomogashima Lighthouse

    Tomogashima Lighthouse

  • The 1st cannon platform near Tomogashima Lighthouse

    The 1st cannon platform near Tomogashima Lighthouse



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
Kada, Wakayama City, Wakayama
073-459-0314 (Tomogashima Tourist Center)
Tomogashima Ferry not in service on Wednesdays 3/1-11/30 (If it is a holiday, in service), 12/29-1/3. During 12/1-the end of Feb, only Sat, Sun, and holidays are in service (except for 12/29-1/3)
Tomogashima Ferry runs between Kada Port, 9am(1st trip) - Tomogashima, 4:30pm (last trip) *Service hours may vary in seasons. Refer to the website.
Round trip Adult: 2,200 yen (one way, 1,100 yen), Round trip Children, 1,100 yen (one way, 550 yen)
from Kada Port, ride Tomogashima Ferry for 20 min.
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