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Sagawa Art Museum

Japan’s three great artists’ work is exhibited here. The building itself in harmony with nature is supreme art.

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The logistics company, Sagawa Express Co.,Ltd. opened a private museum in 1998 to commemorate their 40th anniversary. The vast premises of almost 29,000㎡ is located before the scenic Lake Biwa with Hiei and Hira Mountains in a distance.

Most of the premises is a water garden that symbolizes Sagawa Museum. The wind from Lake Biwa ripples the surface while the sunlight dances around beautifully on the water garden. The three buildings stand as if they are floating on the water. Times and seasons change the scenery, which is a corroborate art by men and nature. The fine architecture and the space design blended with the surrounding nature have received a number of awards, acclaimed by many.

Inside, the prominent artwork by the Japanese painter, Ikuo Hirayama, sculptor, Churyo Sato, and the potter, the 15th Kichizaemon Raku (now called Jikinyu) is exhibited. Hirayama's work amounts to more than 350 pieces, his biggest collection in Japan. The exhibitions are divided among three halls: Hirayama Ikuo Kan, Sato Churyo Kan and Raku Kichizaemon Kan, each enhancing the unique art form to the best in their display.


  • The three buildings seem to float on the bottom of the water that covers most of the site.
  • The museum exhibits and houses works by Hirayama Ikuo, Sato Churyo, and Raku Kichizaemon.
  • The collection of Ikuo Hirayama is the largest in Japan with over 350 pieces.


  • The water garden, the building and the nature merge into a beautiful whole

    The water garden, the building and the nature merge into a beautiful whole


  • 李修銘



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Postal Code
2891 Kitagawa, Mizuhocho, Moriyama City, Shiga
Mondays (If holiday, the following day, and other temporary closings), the end of the year and new year’s day
Business Hours
9:30am-5:00pm (Admission allowed until 4:30pm)
Permanent exhibition: 1,000yen (Extra fee for a special exhibition)
1) from JR Kosei Line, Katata Station, ride the Kojak Bus bound for Menkyo Center for 15 min. Get off at Sagawa Art Museum. The museum is nearby.
2) from JR Biwako Line, Moriyama Station, ride the Kojak Bus bound for Sagawa Art Museum for 35 min. Get off at Sagawa Art Museum. The museum is nearby.
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