Araya Yama Jinja

One of the three shrines for blessings of wealth.


Araya Yama Shrine has been revered as god of the mountains and industry, which was built in 1534. At the foot of Mt. Fuji, the main hall and the rear hall stand. People tell business owners and entrepreneurs, ”If you don’t want to have trouble with money, visit this shrine.” It is a popular power spot as one of the three shrines for blessings of wealth.

The main hall stands on a green hill near Mt. Fuji’s water source. The quiet, holy ambience welcomes visitors. There are a couple of trees that connect and grow upward, the symbol of relationships and blessing of posterity. With Gojinseki, you can ask the god your questions. It is said if you lift the stone three times with your question in mind, and if you feel the difference in the weight, your matter in question will go smoothly. (With the Covid concern, it is not available as of July, 2021)

After worshiping at the main shrine, move on to the rear shrine at Mt. Fuji’s 2nd station, Heda-no-tsuji. The serene rear shrine in Fuji’s nature is accessed only by a car and the road is closed in winter. People say only those who are destined to reach will do so. It is a place that allows you to feel the power from the mountain god and Fuji’s nature.


  • You can ask god with the curious Gojinseki stone.
  • The serene rear shrine stands by Mt. Fuji’s 2nd station in the mystic air.
  • The route to the rear shrine is closed in winter and open from May to November.


  • Premises


  • Rear shrine

    Rear shrine

  • Gojinseki that is said the weight changes

    Gojinseki that is said the weight changes


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
1230 Araya, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi
Premises always open
10-min drive from Chuo Expressway’s Kawaguchiko Interchange, or 10 min from East Fuji Five lake Expressway’s Fujiyoshida Interchange
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)