Kuidaore Taro Pudding

A pudding with a design of the iconic Osaka character "Kuidaore Taro".

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The character "Kuidaore Taro" first appeared in 1950 as the signature doll of "Osaka Meibutsu Kuidaore," a restaurant that used to be located in Dotonbori, Osaka's busiest shopping district. After the restaurant closed, he is still charming in front of the amusement building "Nakaza Cui-daore Bldg." in Dotonbori.

Kuidaore Taro, an icon of Osaka, also sells many character goods. Kuidaore Taro pudding is one of them.
The pudding is smooth but has a firm texture. The pudding is delicious as it is, but if you sprinkle the included caramel sauce and crushed sugar, it tastes like creme brulee. Enjoy it in your favorite flavor.

The pudding is wrapped in Taro's triangular hat, making it very cute. The special paper bag contains episodes about how Taro-san lost his hat and found it, as well as instructions on how to eat it, so there is a lot to enjoy other than the main pudding.
This is a must-have souvenir of Osaka.


  • Osaka's iconic character "Kuidaore Taro" is now available as a pudding.
  • The caramel sauce and crushed sugar match perfectly!
  • The triangular hat that covers the pudding container can be used for various purposes even after eating.
  • The paper bag, package, and instruction manual all have Taro on them.


  • Kuidaore Taro Pudding

    Kuidaore Taro Pudding

  • Everything from the paper bag to the packaging is all about Taro-san!

    Everything from the paper bag to the packaging is all about Taro-san!


  • 簡珮琳


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Product name in Japanese
Taro Foods Co. Ltd.
1,180 yen (3 pieces)
Sales outlet
Souvenir stores at Shin-Osaka Station, Osaka Itami Airport, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)