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The “eat ‘till you drop” foodie destination marked by the larger than life signboard.

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Crab, octopus, cow, crane….these are just a few of the oversized 3D signboards that make up the look and feel of the bustling Dotonbori Area. Its packed with a number of eateries along the northern Dotonbori River and main street along its southern side. The main street is blocked off for pedestrians, making it a perfect spot to find visitors grabbing a bit of Takoyaki and other street eats.

Ebisu Bridge, stretching from the Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street is one iconic streetscape. On its south side edge you’ll find the Glico billboard, standing with its welcoming, arms stretched-open pose. The sign was recently remade into its 6th, LED form in 2014.

Kuidaore Taro, ringing the bell and taiko drum with a pleased smile are a quintessential part of the Dotonbori streetscape. It’s playful, bright bell ring and rap on the drum are an especially iconic memory often thought of as the “face of Dotonbori”.

With the Osaka Shochikuza Theatre, home to Kabuki performances and a number of widely acclaimed shows, the chance to enjoy the street views from the water on a Tombori River Cruise, or the 2 kms of open space to explore at the Tombori Walk, there’s plenty to enjoy and browse besides just food spots.

Dotonbori River got its start as a man-made river opened in 1612. It originates from Mr. Doton Yasui and finished in 1615 after his death by his cousin Yasui Doboku. It was named Dotonbori afterwards to commemorate his legacy.


  • The oversized, 3D signboard kicks off the bustling district style.
  • Home to the popular Glico and “Kuidaore Taro” (eat till you drop, Taro) signs.
  • In addition to the foodscene, there’s plenty of fun like the Osaka Shochikuza Theatre and Tombori River Cruise to try!


  • Osaka’s thriving downtown area.
(C)Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

    Osaka’s thriving downtown area. (C)Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

  • Bustling with crowds.
(C)Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

    Bustling with crowds. (C)Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

  • Neon nightscape.
(C)Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

    Neon nightscape. (C)Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau


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  • 苗苗


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  • 林偉堂



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
1 Dotombori, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
06-6211-4542 (Dotonbori Store Association)
Varies by store
Business Hours
Varies by store
(1) approx. 3 min. walk from Namba Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji, Yotsubashi and Sennichimae Lines.
(2) approx. 3 min. walk from Nippombashi Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji and Sennichimae Lines.
(3) approx. 5 min. walk from Osaka Namba Station on the Kintetsu Namba and Hanshin Namba lines.
(4) approx. 7 min. walk from Namba Station on the Nankai Electric Railway.
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