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The whole Mt. Koya is the premise! The head of Japan’s buddhist temples.

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One of the holy Buddhist places opened by Reverend Kōbō Daishi Kūkai. The whole Mt. Koya above 800m-sea-level is the premises. With the main Kondo hall at the center, 117 sub-temples are built. Kongobuji temple’s roof is made of layers of cedar bark and a wooden water barrel is placed on the roof in case of fire.

From the public entrance, walk into a large hall with sliding doors that depict crane birds and pine trees. From there, walk to the Plum Room, and then Willow Room with beautiful sliding doors said to be painted by Kano Tansai. Move on through the hallway into the separate structure, you will see the biggest stone garden in Japan, Banryu Tei. The granite depicting a dragon is said to have been brought from Shikoku, the birthplace of Kukai. The important cultural property, the main hall, is 60m from east to west and 70m north to south. The grandeur is overwhelming. You can see the elegant paintings of waterfalls and cliffs dedicated by the Japanese painter Hiroshi Senju.

While you are at Mt. Koya, stop by at Reihokan Museum to see Buddhism paintings, valuable Buddha statues, and information on Kongobuji’s history and traditions.

On the vast temple grounds, which is the whole mountain, there are Danjo Garan, Okunoin and other tourist spots and historical sites. Wear comfortable shoes, plan your route ahead of time, and visit the premises. There are also places to try hand-copying sutra or attending lectures/ceremonies.


  • The holy place for Japanese Buddhism was opened by Reverend Kobo.
  • Valuable information, historical sites and tourism spots dot the grounds.
  • Mt. Koya Reihokan Museum has many exceptional cultural assets.


  • The grounds are 39-acre wide

    The grounds are 39-acre wide

  • Kondo, the main hall of Mt. Koya

    Kondo, the main hall of Mt. Koya

  • The big gate at the entrance to Mt. Koya

    The big gate at the entrance to Mt. Koya

  • The portrait of Reverend Kobo

    The portrait of Reverend Kobo

  • Okunoin, the center of Mt. Koya faith

    Okunoin, the center of Mt. Koya faith

  • The big tower

    The big tower


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132 Koyasan, Koyacho, Itogun, Wakayama
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8:30am-5:00pm (Admission allowed until 4:30pm)
Adult (Middle schooler and older) 1,000 yen, Elementary children 300 yen, Ticket for multiple halls: Adult 2,500 yen
From Nankai Koya Line, Gourakubashi Station, ride Nankai Koyasan Cable for 10 min.
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