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Seafood Houto Specialty Restaurant Houto Labo

Evolutionary Houto-Noodle based on extensive research.

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Houto-Noodle is a local dish of Yamanashi Prefecture. It is made by kneading wheat flour, cutting it into thick flat noodles, and simmering them in a miso-based broth with pumpkin and mushrooms, and other ingredients. As the noodles are cooked immediately after being made, the soup is characterized by its thickening.
The Houto Laboratory, a seafood Houto specialty restaurant, sees the potential in Houto and continues to explore new menu items while retaining the essential aspects of the dish.

Overturning the image of Yamanashi Prefecture as a place without the beach, its signature dish is Kaisen Houto-Noodle which is filled with seafood such as crab, salmon, shrimp, and salmon roe. The restaurant also offers original Houto dishes such as Sukiyaki Houto and Tantan Houto that defy conventional concepts.
A variety of toppings are also available, such as butter, cheese, three oysters, salmon, salmon roe, shrimp, crab legs, pumpkin, and hot egg, allowing you to enjoy your favorite Houto-Noodle.

Another indispensable item at this restaurant is a spicy seasoning called " Suridane." It has been eaten in the eastern part of Yamanashi Prefecture for centuries and is made by blending sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, and broth with a base of Ichimi (chili pepper) and Shichimi (seven-flavor chili pepper).

You can enjoy Houto-Noodle as it is, or you can add toppings or "Suridane" to it. Let's go and enjoy the evolution of Houto.


  • You can enjoy Houto, a local dish of Yamanashi Prefecture, in various combinations.
  • The variety of toppings allows you to find your favorite Houto.
  • The spicy seasoning "Suridane" can be used to change the taste, so you will never get bored.


  • Exterior view of the main restaurant at Kawaguchiko

    Exterior view of the main restaurant at Kawaguchiko

  • Seafood Houto is the signature menu

    Seafood Houto is the signature menu

  • The spicy seasoning "Suridane"

    The spicy seasoning "Suridane"



Name in Japanese
海鮮ほうとう専門店 ほうとう研究所
Postal Code
2746-1 Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchikomachi, Minamitsurugun, Yamanashi
Open every day
1,400 yen
7 minutes by cab from Kawaguchiko Station on the Fujikyu Line
Credit Cards
Accepted (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express)
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